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The Real Cost of Outsourcing Manufacturing Overseas

Marlin Steel on June 30, 2015
Every business owner wants to be able to do business in a faster, easier, more efficient manner. Nobody wants to actively pay more for labor ...
Topics: China, Manufacturing

The OSHA SHARP Certification Checklist for Manufacturers

Marlin Steel on June 29, 2015
For a worker to be engaged and motivated to work his or her best, that worker first needs to be secure in the knowledge that they’re working in a safe and reliable environment. Marlin Steel’s dedication to providing workers with a ...

Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Supplier

Marlin Steel on June 8, 2015
For any business, having the right supplies is critical. This is especially true for manufacturers, who rely on having quality materials and tools to produce top-notch results for their own clients. ...

Bloomberg Highlights Marlin Steel and the Manufacturing Renaissance

Marlin Steel on June 2, 2015
In a recent interview on Bloomberg Business, Marlin Steel’s CEO, Drew Greenblatt, was asked ...
Topics: Manufacturing

Productivity: the Secret Ingredient to a Strong American Economy

Marlin Steel on May 28, 2015
For many modern economies, maintaining productivity is a major issue. Keeping productivity high helps keep businesses going strong so they can add new jobs. ...
Topics: Manufacturing

Marlin Steel to Speak Before the National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Marlin Steel on May 21, 2015
Starting on at noon Wednesday, June 17 and continuing until 1:00 p.m. on Friday, June 19, 2015, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions will be hosting a national conference at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland. ...

Proof that the Manufacturing Renaissance is Here

Marlin Steel on May 18, 2015
Years ago, the label “made in America” was a source of pride, not just for manufacturers, but for customers as well. For many, that label meant a quality product assembled to the highest standards, something worth every penny of the ...
Topics: Manufacturing

Marlin Steel’s Tale of Adaptation & Success Featured in Fast Company

Marlin Steel on May 15, 2015
Back when it was first acquired by current owner Drew Greenblatt in 1998, Marlin Steel was most definitely a niche business. The company made one product (bagel baskets) and had little to no competition, so innovation and continuous improvement were ...

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