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Marlin Steel FAQs: Do I Need a Special Finish for My Stainless Steel?

Marlin Steel on July 1, 2015
Stainless steel is a wonderfully versatile material. Many grades of stainless steel feature high corrosion resistance properties, making custom steel wire baskets and other metal forms made from stainless steel materials ideal for custom parts washing ...

The Real Cost of Outsourcing Manufacturing Overseas

Marlin Steel on June 30, 2015
Every business owner wants to be able to do business in a faster, easier, more efficient manner. Nobody wants to actively pay more for labor ...
Topics: China, Manufacturing

The OSHA SHARP Certification Checklist for Manufacturers

Marlin Steel on June 29, 2015
For a worker to be engaged and motivated to work his or her best, that worker first needs to be secure in the knowledge that they’re working in a safe and reliable environment. Marlin Steel’s dedication to providing workers with a ...

How Long Does it Take to Get a Custom-Made Metal Form?

Marlin Steel on June 25, 2015
In any business, time is always of the essence. The longer you’re kept waiting for the equipment you need to do a job, the longer your own customers have to wait for the delivery of your own products. Keeping your own customers waiting gives ...

How Automation is Changing the Face of Manufacturing

Marlin Steel on June 24, 2015
A little while ago, Pam Mangas of Gray Construction’s online GrayWay publication sat ...

A Recap of What You May Have Missed from Marlin’s NFWS Presentation

Marlin Steel on June 23, 2015
On Thursday, June 18, 2015, Marlin Steel had the opportunity to make a presentation before a crowd of more than 500 business professionals at the National Fund for Workforce Solution’s fifth annual meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, ...

Marlin Steel Featured in Wire Forming Tech for Fighting IP Theft

Marlin Steel on June 22, 2015
American manufacturers are engaged in a desperate struggle to stay competitive on a global scale. To simply stay afloat in the face of tough foreign competition, American manufacturers need to be efficient and innovative. ...

Is Your Manufacturing Factory Ready for Robots?

Marlin Steel on June 17, 2015
Here at Marlin Steel, automated manufacturing equipment such as steel wire bending robots has helped to make the manufacture of custom steel wire racks and baskets faster, safer, and more consistent than ever before. ...

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