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How U.S. Manufacturers can Fight IP Theft by overseas Competitors

Marlin Steel on January 29, 2015
How much is an original idea worth to your company? Every U.S. manufacturer knows the cost of researching and developing brand-defining intellectual property (IP). Whether that IP is a ...
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Electropolished Wire Mesh Basket with Handles

Marlin Steel on January 28, 2015
Marlin Steel works on many different basket designs each year. With each design, there are different design challenges and requirements. Today, we wanted to talk about an ...

Designing Custom Steel Baskets for Delicate Parts

Marlin Steel on January 27, 2015
Every basket design job is unique. Even when building baskets that are based on an existing design, there are usually improvements that can be easily made or other adjustments required by a change in the process for which the old baskets were used ...

How Cross-Training Drives Employee Engagement in Manufacturing Jobs

Marlin Steel on January 20, 2015
In the manufacturing industry, having an engaged workforce can mean the difference between completing jobs efficiently and failing to meet production goals. ...

Voice Of America International Broadcast Interviews Marlin Steel

Marlin Steel on January 19, 2015
Recently, Aru Pande, the White House Correspondent for Voice of America (VOA), contacted Marlin Steel regarding an Associated Press story that Marlin Steel Wire Products was featured in concerning the Marlin Steel philosophy behind incentivizing ...

Custom Steel Baskets to Fit inside other Containers

Marlin Steel on January 14, 2015
For many of the orders that Marlin Steel processes, customers are ordering a basket that is specifically designed to fit inside of some other object, such as the cavity of an ultrasonic parts washing ...

Custom Wire Mesh Baskets for when Stock Baskets aren’t enough

Marlin Steel on January 13, 2015
For many of Marlin Steel’s customers, getting a new piece of factory equipment is an exciting event. Just picture it: the new machine hits your factory floor, your team hooks it up and begins integrating it into the parts washing/finishing ...

Pierce, Stamp, Coin & Trim Wire Forms with no Secondary Operations

Marlin Steel on January 7, 2015
Last year, we added a few tons of new automated manufacturing equipment to the Marlin Steel factory floor. From a highly unique (only five in the world) medium frequency direct current welder from Ideal Welding Systems, to a Bütfering deburring ...

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