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Fanuc Weld Cell - Precision Manufacturing

High Precision & Tight Tolerances - FAUNC robotics make precision-manufactured parts a reality from the first to last run. Parts that receive a lot of use often require replacement. Steel fabrications manufactured by Marlin Steel match your specifications; we bring you fast delivery on metal components that are Quality Engineering Quick®.

Marlin Steel delivers precision and tight tolerances on the most challenging robotic welding jobs. We handle complex robotic welding jobs of any size.
Marlin Steel's Fanuc Weld Cell robot
Robotic welding with fast delivery for your wire forms & wire fixtures.

The Marlin Steel Fanuc Weld Cell robot can accommodate short Runs and Long Runs - continuously delivering perfect precision to all of your welding product requirements.

Marlin Steel engineers deliver robotic welding for complex custom steel parts.
Comprehensive Quality Control - Rely on Marlin Steel to deliver Robotic MIG Welding for steel fabrications of any size or shape.
Welding Accuracy is critical and for many projects, robotic welding is the ideal solution. CAD/CAM software enables our engineering team to provide the highest level of accuracy & welding at tight tolerances. Your unique designs face no shape limits at Marlin - our robotic welding is equally precise for flat sheet steel, cylinders - any custom shape needed. Precision for all reorders - consistency from the first part to the final reorder - our sophisticated software and robots facilitate perfect repeatability. Industrial customers around the world look to Marlin Steel for short lead times on high volume projects.

Marlin welding service delivers precision, reliability & fast lead times.

Rely on robotic welding from Marlin Steel; your project is run on the latest welding robotics technology in the hands of highly-trained, experienced technicians.

The Fanuc Weld Cell Robot at Marlin Steel runs complex welding jobs.

Extremely accurate Marlin robotic welding - tight tolerances.

Accurate robotic cuts, precision-formed steel parts & steel fixtures from Marlin Steel. Complex designs are not a problem for our robotic welding on multiple axes.

Consistent long run & short run robotic welding from Marlin Steel.

Rely on the Marlin Steel Engineers for Complex Robotic Welding of flat steel sheets, steel cylinders or any custom steel shape.

The Marlin Steel factory has a wide array of robots & welding stations. Our mechanical engineers can take on your most challenging robotic welding jobs & upon request, your part design can be run through our sophisticated stress analysis software, allowing us to suggest improvements.

The massive robots used by Marlin Steel's Mechanical Engineers deliver precision while maintaining a safer work environment.

State of the art technology brings precision to all Marlin Steel manufactured parts.

Marlin Steel President Drew Greenblatt says: "Great ideas coming from our innovative engineering team is surging us through this recession. 20% of our staff are mechanical engineers or designers creating brilliant ideas."

Marlin Steel's safe factory working environment runs 24/7, delivering precision steel products to the world.

Marlin's Fanuc fanuc weld cell robot facilitates on time, global delivery with superior quality. We deliver innovative custom designs and high-quality.

Mechanical Engineer Christopher Elwood says: "Chinese factories fear us. We are their worst nightmare. Think about it – great quality, delivered fast with slick engineering. They have no chance." Marlin Steel offers stress analysis upon request. ISO 9001:2008 compliance upon request.

Marlin Engineers do more than simply operate the welding robots - they bring innovation to customer products, suggesting design improvements.

Marlin's massive Fanuc robotic weld help us deliver innovative steel products that are Quality Engineering Quick®

Marlin Engineers can take a DXF from a client-approved wire form & download it directly into the robot resulting in perfect complex wire forms every time.

The Fanuc robots improve productivity, welding multiple parts with coordinated, fast speeds.

We transform production of custom product designs into sophisticated, innovative finished metal fabrications with extremely tight tolerances.

Marlin Steel clients demand tight ship dates that no other wire forming company can meet. Huge investments in robots & equipment enable Marlin Wire to meet these fast turnaround requirements.

Our steel product precision is refined enough to satisfy the demanding requirements of medical, aerospace, military, industrial, and telecom applications.

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