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The Marlin Steel robots enable us to complete your custom milling and machining jobs with precision and speed. No subsequent machining operations are needed. Marlin brings you Precision CNC Machining and Precision CNC Milling.
Check out our CNC Haas robots.

Advancements in precision machine tools are helping create efficiencies, raise quality and strengthen reshoring for American manufacturing. State-of-the-art robotics enable Marlin Steel to deliver quality and innovative products to industrial clients around the world. We offer precision CNC machining and milling services through our Haas VF-3, 4-axis vertical machining center. It helps Marlin Steel deliver on our motto:

Quality Engineering Quick®


Machined Parts - Marlin Steel
  • Improves the precision of the products we're building.
  • Our Haas machine tools use next-generation digital high-resolution encoders on all axes. Combined with significant software and motor-control advancements, this yields the best surface-finish performance available anywhere.
  • Enhanced probe system increases precision.


  • Integrates directly with our prints of products and tooling.
  • Enables us to find more innovative solutions, such as building tools that weld multiple points simultaneously on a steel wire basket.
  • Allows us to mold tooling on the X,Y,Z and A axis.


  • Enables us to build tools more quickly to pursue jobs.
  • Our machining operation allows us to avoid third-party tooling which can slow jobs. and make tooling and supplies less predictable.
  • Coolant system limits stoppages for overheating during tool-making.
The making of a part that once took nine machines in 12 operations can now be accomplished by one machine in two operations. Haas quality means more up-time and fast job turn-around time.

4th Axis

Acetal Inserts for Machined Parts - Marlin Steel
Acetal inserts milled on Haas VF3 4-axis machine at Marlin Steel for ultrasonic cleaning baskets
Marlin's 4th axis offers greater range and reduces changes in the tooling operation, which helps ensure the tightest tolerances. The CNC controller manipulates numerically controlled tools that move in four or more ways to speed the manufacture of custom parts. Rotation around multiple axes yields the highest level of precision. The direct feed and conversion of CAD drawings into MLX files in the unit also speeds the job and ensures accuracy. Global customers receive parts from Marlin faster than they can have them manufactured and shipped within their own country.

Marlin's Haas VF-3 vertical machining center has 40" x 20" x 25" (xyz), (1,016 x 508 x 635 mm) travels and is built entirely with American-made cast-iron components. The VF-3 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle that's powered by a 20 hp vector Dual-Drive (Y-Delta) motor running through the 2-speed geared head. The VF-3 will produce 250 ft-lb of torque at a low 450 rpm, but will also run up to 7,500 rpm in less than 5 seconds for finishing aluminum. Water is used in CNC Milling Operations to keep the spindles cool so they do not break. Marlin Steel recycles all water used during this operation. Metal fragments produced during milling operations are separated out and are recycled as well.

Machining Services:
  • Custom Precision Assembly
  • Baltimore, MD Custom Precision CNC Machining
  • CNC 4 Axis Vertical Maching
  • Custom Precision CNC Machine Shop
  • Custom Precision CNC Milling
  • Complete Custom Precision Fabricating Services
  • Custom Precision Contract Machining
  • Experts in Reverse Engineering
  • Custom Precision Grinding
  • Hydraulic Valves and Pistons
  • Custom Precision Job Shop Machining
  • Machine Job Shop
  • Machine Shop Maryland
  • Custom Precision Metal Parts Manufacturer
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Machining Jobs
  • Machining U.S.
  • Maryland Machine Shop
  • Precision Machining Services in Baltimore MD
  • Precision Milling
  • Production Machining
  • Prototype Work
  • Retrofits
Sample Products:
  • Collars, Spacers and Rings
  • Component Assemblies
  • Gears, Shafts & Axles
  • Housings
      Marlin Steel Products
Marlin can work with the following 3Dfile types
(STEP Files (*.STP;*.STEP) are best for us):
  • IGES Files (*.IGS;*.IGES)
  • PARASOLID Files (*.X,_T;*.X_B;*.XMT_TXT)
  • Pro/E Files (*.PRT;*.ASM)
  • SAT Files (*.SAT;*.SAB)
  • STEP Files (*.STP;*.STEP)
  • VDA Files (*.VDA)
  • Rhino 3D Files (*.3DM)
  • SolidWorks Files (*.SLDPRT;*.SLDASM)
  • Inventor Files (*.IPT;*.IAM)
  • KeyCreator Files (*.CKD)
  • StereoLithography Files (*.STL)
  • CATIA V4 Files (*.MODEL;*.EXP)
  • CATIA V5 Files (CATPART;*.CATProduct)
  • SpaceClaim Files (*.SCDOC)
  • Alibre Design Files (*.AD_PRT;*.AD_SMP)
  • Unigraphics/NX Files (*.PRT)
  • Cadkey Files (*.CDL)
Our robots complete your custom milling and machining jobs with precision and speed.
See the Marlin Steel Haas VF3 Robot.

Marlin Steel Wire Products brings strength to the U.S.A. through job creation in the manufacturing sector.

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