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Stainless Steel Custom Metal Brackets

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Precision accuracy with on-time, fast delivery. Metal Stamping, Metal stampings, Sheet Metal Stamping, Stamping Aluminum, Stamping Forming. The Marlin Steel punch machine is made in the USA. Marlin Steel is bringing business and jobs back to the U.S. from China. Our fabricated steel is exported to over 20 countries.

Best Metal Brackets - Made in the U.S.A.

Steel Corner Brackets, Metal Angle Brackets
Stainless Steel Angle Brackets
Steel Brackets, Metal Brackets - Precision metal parts
Stainless Steel L Brackets
Steel Brackets, Metal Brackets - Sheet metal punching
Stainless Steel Mending Plates
Steel Brackets, Metal Brackets
Stainless Steel T Brackets

We have a tolerance = +/-0.004". Material thickness runs from 0.003" to 0.25". Marlin runs the following operations: Countersinking & forming, louvers, notching, holes, counterboring, stand offs, stiffening ribs & even tapping holes - roll forming style. We can bend flanges 1" high with no secondary operations. Our manufacturing plant runs continuously so our shipping is faster. Raw material sheet size can be 100" x 50" so we are more efficient. We can run aluminum material, stainless steel, low carbon mild steel as well as lexan, glass, laminated material, plastic & even cardboard. Send us a dxf or stp file or we can design for you.
  • Full-time design engineers make sure you receive quick delivery.
  • Our software optimizes the layout so you save money due to less scrap.
  • We ship just in time so you do not have to hold as much inventory.
  • We can change tooling in less than 3.5 seconds so we ship faster.
  • Everything is made 100% in the USA.
  • Our robot uses a 20-ton punch head.