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Wood Routering Services

Check Fixtures & Tooling Gages Fast
MARLIN WOOD provides:
3D routering for prototypes, check fixtures, precision gauges to measure your precision components. Use our fixtures for lean manufacturing one piece flow – smooth out your production.

In addition, it will make special fittings and forms, 2D cutting of sheet stock in all plastics and wood products.

We can accept your electronic file or work from your drawings or sketches. Designers & Manufacturers of Custom Wood & Plastic Products. Finest Quality CNC Router Specialists.
Manufacturing Jobs Are Key     Manufacturing Jobs Are Key
Leaders in Custom CNC Router & 3D Machining Services

Our skilled designers and CNC router professionals can take your idea, drawing or blueprint and help you turn it into a reality. We design, manufacture and distribute to your custom requirements.

Our team will tailor your vision quickly.

Delivering Quality CNC Router Services to clients worldwide. Wood & Plastic products are our specialty, our expertise makes your job easier. Our staff of professional designers, developers, CNC router operators, high quality products every day, with your customers in mind.

Bring us your product and your schedule, we'll do the rest.
Router Services
CNC router with a 10 ft x 15 ft cutting area and
5 inch vertical travel 2D and 3D cutting
in all plastics and woods
  • Wood Milling
  • Wood Check Panels
  • Check Fixtures
  • Wood Fretwork and Wood grills
  • Wood Sign letters, Wood stencils and 3D Wood Carving
  • Routed Molds and Routed Forms
  • Routed Patterns
  • Wood Check Fixture Templates
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