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What China’s Devalued Currency Means for U.S. Manufacturing

Marlin Steel on September 3, 2015
Look up the phrase “Chinese currency manipulation” on the web and you’ll get a flood of contentious articles that either point out how a devalued Chinese Yuan harms American businesses, or try to outright dismiss the ...

Next Shoring & What it Means for Manufacturing Businesses

Marlin Steel on July 9, 2015
Most manufacturers are familiar with the term offshoring, which for manufacturers is the practice of ...

The Real Cost of Outsourcing Manufacturing Overseas

Marlin Steel on June 30, 2015
Every business owner wants to be able to do business in a faster, easier, more efficient manner. Nobody wants to ...
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Texas Congressman to Marlin Steel: I Love that You are Exporting to China

Andy Ratner on June 21, 2013
  Marlin Steel President Drew Greenblatt   ...

Bill Gates on CNBC: Why IP theft is greatest in China?

Andy Ratner on May 6, 2013
Bill Gates this morning on ...

IndustryWeek article quotes Marlin Steel president on the hidden threat of IP theft

Andy Ratner on April 10, 2013
Recent article in IndustryWeek quotes ...

IP theft: Wow, that steel wire basket looks like ours? It IS ours

Andy Ratner on February 12, 2013
From Drew Greenblatt’s latest column in Inc. magazine on how intellectual property theft is undermining U.S. manufacturing -- ...

America Makes, the World Breathes

Drew Greenblatt on January 23, 2013
  Alexandria Liu and friend ...

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