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How to Foster Innovation and Drive Your Company’s Growth

Marlin Steel on October 9, 2014
Every business owner wants their company to be more successful, to have the best and brightest employees, and to grow their sales margins. Nobody wants to be the owner a company that is stagnating or worse, losing ...

Marlin Steel on Can Your Business Survive the Disruption of New Technologies?

Marlin Steel on September 4, 2014
Here at Marlin Steel, we’re pretty big fans of automation and new technology in general. In many cases, advancements in manufacturing technology help us to be more ...

Why Optimism is on the Rise among Small Business Owners

Marlin Steel on August 21, 2014
Recently, we discussed how the NFIB’s small business optimism index showed an increase in the confidence of ...

Why It’s Better to Purchase From a U.S. Manufacturer

Marlin Steel on August 21, 2014
In manufacturing, as in many other businesses, the old wisdom is to save as much money as possible to improve the profit margin. ...

Inc Column: "5 Steps to Improve Quality No Matter What You Produce"

Drew Greenblatt on January 27, 2014
Quality is critical to growing. Here are "5 Steps to Improve ...

How safety and sustainability align

Andy Ratner on October 10, 2013
From Drew Greenblatt's latest column on ...

Creator of the Prius reveals 3 secrets to success -- and his dream car

Andy Ratner on October 3, 2013
  Marlin Steel President Drew Greenblatt greets Takeshi ...

Manufacturing management 101: Fire poisonous personalities fast

Andy Ratner on August 22, 2013
From Drew Greenblatt's latest column on ...

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