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Why American Made Stainless Steel Medical Trays Are the Right Choice

Marlin Steel on April 2, 2020
When ordering trays for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, two of the most common material choices for these trays are stainless steel ...

Improving Autoclave Medical Sterilization Methods with Stainless Steel

Marlin Steel on March 31, 2020
There are several different surgical instrument sterilization processes to choose from, but none are used as commonly as autoclaves. As an effective and cost-efficient sterilization method, it’s become a staple practice ...

5 Benefits of Electropolishing Stainless Steel for Pharma Applications

Marlin Steel on March 26, 2020
There are many different ways to finish a custom metal form. From sanding the surface to roughen or smooth it out, to passivating it, to electroplating, to dipping it in a polymer, to electropolishing it, the options ...

Supporting the Coronavirus Testing Effort at Marlin

Marlin Steel on March 24, 2020
In response to the increasing number of verified Covid-19 cases, Marlin Steel has stepped up to help the pharmaceutical and medical industries with a new product to assist with viral testing: stainless steel test tube ...

How Marlin Steel Creates the Best Medical Parts Washing Baskets

Marlin Steel on November 26, 2019
Companies in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical field must go to exceptional lengths to maintain sterility. Likewise, their tools must follow the same strident standards of cleanliness. Hospitals also must make ...

5 Steps to Follow for Optimal Medical Parts Cleaning

Marlin Steel on August 20, 2019
In the medical equipment manufacturing and healthcare provider industries, sanitation is an ...

How to Choose Custom Steel Baskets for Medical Applications

Marlin Steel on August 15, 2019
Medical and pharmaceutical product manufacturers and users both have to be very careful about how they store and wash their tools. Manufacturers need to ensure that the medical and pharmaceutical products they make are ...
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How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Medical Instrument Tray

Marlin Steel on June 11, 2019
Stainless steel medical instrument trays can be a crucial part of your medical parts finishing process. The right ...

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