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Marlin Engineers Breaks New Ground with AutoDesk Inventor Stress Analysis Software

As the only wire fabricator in the USA with this software program, Marlin Steel Wire Products stands at the forefront of engineering solutions. The Marlin Steel Engineering Team performs Stress Analysis to ensure that customer's products will perform as intended in a defined load environment. Our Stress Analysis can anticipate possible failure modes and design against them.
Request ASME BTH 1 2008 - ASME Standard Compliance                   Stress Analysis Steel Wire Basket Design Case Study

The Marlin Steel Engineering Team can perform Structural Stress Analysis to ensure that your products will perform as intended in a defined load environment. Our Software Stress Analysis can help you anticipate possible failure modes and design against them. Pursuant to our analysis, we can advise the best material for your parts or components. The Marlin Steel Engineering has the horsepower to Solve your Engineering Problems with our Component Stress Modeling and Simulation.

The steel wire basket design shown above was subjected to our stress analysis. In this analysis, the top of the wires and sides of the top frame were subjected to a fixed constraint simulating the basket being lifted. A 25lb load force in the z-direction was placed to determine the effect inside the basket. The deflection was scaled up and red actually demonstrates less than a human hair movement.

Complete Simulation Solution

  • Reduce Costs
  • Eliminate Prototype Costs
  • Improve Product Performance
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market

Some of the stresses that can be evaluated with our Finite Element software Analysis include:

  • Ultimate failure, rupture, or collapse due to stresses exceeding the material and structural strength of your product
  • Detrimental yielding that undermines structural integrity or performance due to stresses exceeding material yield strength
  • Instability (buckling) under a combination of loads, deformations, and part geometry
  • Fatigue of material due to crack initiation and propagation under cyclic loads and fracture due to unstable crack propagation
  • Elastic static or dynamic deformations causing loss of function, preload or alignment, interference, and undesirable vibrational noise
  • Other time dependent material failure modes including creep, stress rupture, and thermal fatigue

Marlin deploys state-of-the-art stress analysis software to run structural analysis. This analysis helps to guide the design and sizing of of your products or components, providing a high degree of confidence. With our Metal Stress Software Analysis used as an integral part of the design process, we eliminate redesign caused by failure during structural verification testing. Careful structural design enhances reliability while reducing cost and weight.

The stainless steel wire form displayed on the left above shows an example of maximum displacement stress analysis. The figure on the right shows a stress analysis for maximum stress at the weld site. Marlin Steel is equipped to supply measurements and statistics in both U.S. units of measurement and in metric. Our fully-equipped machine shop is able to design to your needs in every way.

Marlin's Design Stress Software Analysis can be used to refine a given simulation continuously until a convergence value is seen, especially in the high-stress concentration regions. During Simulated Operating Conditions Testing, the number of refinement steps and stop percent threshold criteria can also be refined to produce a more accurate result. Our Metal Stress Testing Software results are evaluated by our Engineering Team enabling us to recommend design improvements. One example might be a larger fillet radius (to smooth edges and lower stress concentration). We can provide documentation outlining the strengths and weak points in your parts or componenets.

Our Structural Stress Analysis Software generates documentation covering important design detail including:

  • Design Objective(s)
  • Modification Date
  • Separate Stresses Across Contact Surfaces
  • Motion Loads Analysis
  • Avg. Element Size
  • Min. Element Size
  • Grading Factor
  • Max. Turn Angle
  • Mass Density
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Stress: Young's Modulus
  • Stress: Poisson's Ratio
  • Stress: Shear Modulus
  • Stress: Expansion Coefficient
  • Stress Thermal: Thermal Conductivity
  • Stress Thermal: Specific Heat
  • Yield Strength
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Select Face(s)
  • Fixed Constraints
  • Reaction Force and Moment on Constraints

Our team recognizes the need for the analysis to be conservative, using a predicted failure load anticipated to be less than the actual load your components can withstand. This compensates for uncertainties in analysis assumptions and the variations in the applied loads.

Marlin's engineering design team can help you to enhance your safety factor (SF) as we anticipate uncertainties and the limit loads are increased in proportion to the SF. The SF requirements may change depending on the responsible application for your products or components.

The Marlin Steel Engineering Team can take your stress analysis through:

  • Conceptual and Preliminary Design phase
    • design load
    • safety factors
  • Detail Design phase
    • Sizing and checking of load paths
  • Verification phases
    • Simulate structural testing to create the required minimum response (usually 1.25 times the limit loads)
    • demonstrate that anticipated extremes will not cause structural damage or detrimental yielding

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