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Marlin Steel’s engineers have designed and created numerous sheet metal forms over the years with precision and accuracy. Customized stainless steel sheet metal forms can be tailored to help with specific manufacturing challenges for clients and help them reach their production goals.

To create these high-quality customized sheet metal forms, Marlin Steel uses a combination of advanced machinery, tools, and manufacturing techniques. Check out the different services below and see how Marlin Steel’s years of experiences and tools can aid a variety of industries and specializations.


Robotic Welding

trulaser precision laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting

metal punch machine

Metal Punching Fabrication

trumpf press break

Trumpf Press Brake

metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication

metal bending

High-Precision Metal Bending

MMC-CX110 At Minster-1-1

Minster Metal Stamping

hyndmech band saw

Hydmech S-23A Band Saw

steel strap

Steel Strapping

haeger insertion machine

Haeger Insertion Machine

deburring machine

Deburring Services