Since 1968

Founded in 1968, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC is a company that specializes in the creation of custom metal forms including stainless steel parts washing baskets, racks, S-hooks and sheet metal material handling containers. 

Originally hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Marlin Steel Wire moved to Baltimore, MD when it was acquired by new owner Drew Greenblatt in 1998. At that time, Marlin Steel was referred to as the "king of the bagel baskets," as the company was focused on making commodity bagel baskets at that time. 

When demand for bagels declined and foreign competitors began flooding the market with bagel baskets that cost less than what it cost Marlin Steel to acquire the metal, sales began to disappear. That's when Marlin Steel invested in the acquisition of millions of dollars worth of automated manufacturing robots to improve production capacity and precision. 

Now, Marlin Steel's investments in workplace automation have actually saved and created jobs, while expanding the markets this company can serve. 20% or more of our workforce consists of degreed mechanical engineers, and Marlin Steel's employees pride themselves on delivering Quality Engineered Quick®.

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Custom Wire Forms Engineered for a Variety of Industries

For decades, Marlin Steel has been engineering custom wire forms and stainless steel baskets to provide solutions for wide range of industries. Whether you need heavy-duty parts washing baskets for efficient aerospace MRO, or mesh wire containers for delicate pharmaceutical parts, Marlin Steel can manufacture wire forms for your specific needs with consistency and precision that can't be matched. 


We manufacture stainless steel products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, including a range of sanitary carts, trays, baskets, and equipment. These products can be electropolished to provide a microscopically-smooth surface for even more efficient sanitation.

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Marlin Steel is the market leader in supplying telecom equipment management solutions. From heavy-duty sheet metal enclosures to protect delicate equipment, to ultra-lightweight steel wire products, our custom solutions help overcome all kinds of challenges in the telecom industry.

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Marlin Steel’s engineers can provide the perfect wire basket solution for your automotive industry needs. With Marlin Steel's wire forms and baskets, automotive manufacturers can improve their ability to meet production tolerances, reduce scrap, avoid delays in production, and much more.

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Backed by years of practical industry experience, Marlin Steel’s engineers have developed custom circular engine floats, turbine fan blade carriers, and custom wire baskets that can help streamline your aerospace overhaul procedures and provide solutions for all your industrial aerospace needs.

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Food Processing

Marlin Steel has had years of experience in making custom and electropolished stainless steel baskets for a variety of food processing tasks that help you meet your FDA regulatory requirements while helping to make your food processing safer, faster, and more cost-efficient.

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