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OSHA Award Marlin Steel with SHARP Safety Award!

Marlin Steel has been recognized by the Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for our "exemplary injury and illness prevention programs" as per OSHA's SHARP award, and we couldn't be prouder! Marlin Steel is now the fifth company in the state of Maryland to receive such a distinction.

In the image below, CEO Drew Greenblatt and the Marlin Steel team are pictured with Presidential Cabinet Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta on Manufacturing Day, October 6, 2017. Secretary Acosta oversees OSHA, the organization that protects employees to make sure they have safe working environments for American workers.

marlin's SHARP Certification

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How Did Marlin Earn this Award?

Marlin Steel is relentless about the pursuit of workplace safety. We have specific programs in place to ensure our employees have active participation in the safety standards and practices. Not only are they encouraged to participate, they're also extensively trained on how to handle factory equipment. Our workplace automation also plays a key role in our impeccable accident-free record. Read more about what this award means here

In the image below, CEO Drew Greenblatt and the Marlin Steel team is pictured with Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan.

Marlin Steel and Governor Larry Hogan


Marlin Steel Safety Committee

Meets monthly to review and identify ideas to improve the well-being of the team. They are empowered to take action to reduce the chance of a safety incident at Marlin. Questions we get about Safety at Marlin:

  • Do you consider your companies as having crossed a finish line, or do you have plans for future changes that could make each site safer? We will never have a finish line – this is a continuous mission to improve. We always want to be 1% better every day. Incremental improvements over time will generate outsized success in the long run.
  • Do employees buy into your safety measures, and if so, how do you present it? The team is focused on safety. It is the first thing we discuss at every production meeting. I think this posture helps us recruit and retain the best talent in the industry. Our employees see our enduring commitment to their well-being, and they want to be part of a family that cares about them. Lots of places look at employees as replaceable and we reject that thesis. We embrace our talent with training and good pay and great benefits and protecting them in the workplace is integral to our mutual success.


Safety Committee

Sitting (left to right) - Jason Ducote, George Shultz, Asia Bright, Kenny BrowningStanding (left to right) - Gabrielle Silgalis, Liston Clise