Marlin Steel manufactures American-made stainless steel wire baskets with precision engineering and custom electropolished options, giving customers in the medical industry the solutions they need for many types of applications.

We can help you design custom medical baskets made with medical-grade stainless steel, depending on your specific requirements.


Choosing the Best Steel Wire Basket for Your Medical Application

The medical industry has strict requirements for medical tools and equipment, requiring supplies that are easy to sterilize and clean to maintain a healthy environment. Manufacturers must provide end users with sterile and reliable products for use in medical applications that allow healthcare facilities to keep medical tools clean and sterile to prevent infection.

Medical-grade stainless steel wire medical baskets provide solutions that maintain both sterility and cleanliness, but it's important to know what options to choose. There are certain design considerations when choosing custom steel baskets for medical applications, which you can learn more about in our Top 10 Design Considerations for Medical Wire Baskets blog.

The Importance of Electropolishing Medical Baskets

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes burrs and other surface imperfections from metal materials. It uses a combination of an electrolytic chemical solution and an electrical current to produce smooth parts.

The electropolishing process offers several benefits for medical baskets, including:

  • Removed surface imperfections: The process eliminates burrs and sharp edges on medical baskets to keep them safe for medical staff and patients.
  • Improved smoothness and surface finish: A smoother surface prevents the buildup of various contaminants, including harmful bacteria.
  • Enhanced appearance: This benefit adds some visual appeal to each medical basket.
  • Better quality: Medical baskets also benefit from optimized durability and increased reliability through electropolishing.

Custom Baskets for Medical Parts Washing/Cleaning

>Custom Baskets for Medical Parts Washing/Cleaning

When selecting a custom medical basket made of medical-grade stainless steel, some key considerations will influence your custom design.

The different considerations for medical parts washing and cleaning include:

  • Material selection: You'll want to consider the specific types of stainless steel to use in your medical baskets, with different alloys providing different properties.
  • Contaminants in the application: Consider the types of contaminants and soils you'll need to clean and the agents you'll need to clean them.
  • Cleaning process requirements: You may need a medical basket that can accommodate the cleaning and sterilization of complicated shapes.
  • Sterilization method: You might use either heat or chemicals to treat medical parts when sterilizing them.
  • Validation process Think about the method you'll use to confirm that all parts are clean and sterile to eliminate the risk of infection.

You can also learn about our capabilities with this case study discussing a unique custom parts washing basket for one of our clients in the medical industry. This is just one of the many projects we've helped complete over the years.

Why Choose Marlin Steel?

Why Choose Marlin Steel?

Marlin Steel manufactures custom medical baskets using some of the most effective materials to meet the stringent requirements of medical applications. We have the ability to electropolish each part to provide the smoothest surface achievable, allowing for easier cleaning and sterilization while increasing its aesthetic appeal.

Our baskets and surgical steel wire forms meet the highest industry standards, whether you're in need of a basket made of ultra-fine woven mesh materials or a larger stackable storage unit.

Contact Our Experts for Premium Custom Medical-Grade Wire Baskets

Medical baskets made of medical-grade stainless steel will meet the requirements of many medical and pharmaceutical applications. To get the right solutions for your application, turn to the experts at Marlin Steel.

In addition to medical baskets, we manufacture trays and disease control equipment with a focus on quality and precision engineering. We manufacture all of our products in the U.S., providing superior quality and fast delivery with every solution.

For more information about our medical baskets and other product design capabilities, contact us today or request a quote.