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Custom wire forms to hold and organize wires.

Marlin Steel is the market leader in supplying cable bar management solutions to support the complex needs of the telecom industry. Marlin is also the largest domestic supplier of wire forms to the telecom industry.

Telecommunications equipment can require a truly staggering array of power and data cables to keep everything connected and running smoothly. It’s not unusual to have a single cabinet with dozens of cables running to the ceiling or into the floor. The problem is that when these cables are left lying loose without any kind of organization, it can:

Create a Tripping Hazard

Loose cables on the floor can snag employee’s feet, leading to tripping hazards. Additionally, they make it harder to move wheeled carts and cabinets through the data center.

Increase Time and Labor for Upgrades

When cables are disorganized, it becomes harder to sort out which cables are supposed to connect to which terminals/servers in the cabinet. This makes conducting upgrades a longer and more difficult process.

Reduce Data Center Performance

Jumbled cables that are not organized also increase the risk of cables being plugged into the wrong terminals. This can reduce network stability and performance by making traffic loads unevenly distributed. For example, hardware router A is supposed to have one connection each to servers B, C, D, and E, but because of jumbled cables, all connections go to Server B, which then daisy-chains to C, then D, and then E. This leaves server B to handle all incoming traffic requests, causing it extra wear and tear while limiting network performance to a fraction of what it should be.

Telecom rooms need top-notch solutions to help tackle the challenge of cable management, such as cable trays, cable rings, and cable troughs. However, not just any generic solution will do—largely because data centers can vary so wildly from one to the next.

This is why Marlin Steel makes custom wire forming solutions for telecom rooms/data centers.

Custom Wire Fabrication Solutions for Your Telecom Management Challenges

Cable Troughs and Trays

Built to be lightweight and unobtrusive, Marlin’s custom cable troughs and cable trays help with cable organization without impeding access to data cabinets.

Telecom Mounting Plates

Custom sheet metal enclosures can be made for telecom rooms to help not only organize important connections, but to protect circuit boards from dust, debris, and accidental impacts.

Cable Bar Management

A combination of sheet metal and steel wire fabrication, Marlin’s cable bar management panels help guide cables and keep them separated—making individual cables easier to trace while preventing tangles.

Cable Rings

Keep bundles of wires together with custom-shaped cable rings that are sized to match your data cable bundles. These rings help to keep bundles from separating, making cable management easier.

Fiber Optic Trays

Smooth-finished wire products that help protect and organize sensitive fiber optic cables to help ensure peak performance while minimizing wear and tear.

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Custom Wire Forming and Sheet Metal Solutions

Have a unique need that a standardized solution just doesn’t fit? Marlin’s engineering team can design a custom wire form or sheet metal solution to match virtually any unique specifications you might have. From super heavy-duty sheet metal enclosures to protect delicate telecom equipment, to ultra-lightweight steel wire products, Marlin’s custom metal forming capabilities provide solutions to all kinds of challenges.