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Custom wire forms to hold and organize wires.

Wire Basket Cable Trays | Custom Wire Forming Solutions

Telecommunications equipment demands a vast spectrum of power and data cables to facilitate peak operation. Even a single cabinet can have dozens of cables that run to the ceiling or the floor. Many of these cables can be incredibly sensitive to external factors. If left unorganized, these unprotected cables can create safety issues, slow data performance, and decrease efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Custom Wire Basket Cable Trays?

Telecom applications often require an enormous array of telecom wires. This number of cables can be overwhelming if left untouched, causing numerous issues. Unorganized cables can create safety hazards and make maintenance difficult. There are many advantages to using custom wire-formed trays for telecom cables, including:

  • Organization: Primarily, wire baskets organize cables, making them easier to troubleshoot, swap out, and service while also providing an enhanced aesthetic appeal. In certain applications, unorganized cables can negatively affect network performance or cause unnecessary wear on servers, increasing maintenance and repair costs.
  • Concealment & Protection: Implementing wire baskets into your cable assembly protects not only the cables but anyone working in the area. An abundance of cables creates tripping hazards for those in the cabling area. In an office setting, cables often run along floors and walls. Wire baskets and trays conceal these cables from view, creating a more appealing environment.
  • Air Circulation: Temperatures can quickly rise in server rooms where large amounts of cables are present. It is critical to prevent cables from overheating to preserve important data and keep hardware functioning optimally. Mesh or wire cable trays provide needed protection while allowing air to circulate the cables, keeping them cool.

Custom Wire Fabrication Solutions for Your Cable Management Needs

At Marlin Steel, we offer several solutions for cable management, including:

  • Cable Management Trays or Troughs: Cable trays offer businesses a safe and effective area to conceal and protect cables. Trays can be created with openings in the back or at the top. These unobtrusive pieces organize cables and offer easy access.
  • Cable Management Panels: Panels combine both sheet metal and finished wire forms. They guide and organize cables as they run through places where protection and structure are needed.
  • Cable Support Rings: Ideal for mounting cables and securing bundles of cables, supports and rings can be manufactured in nearly any shape needed. They effectively support the weight of cable bundles and guide them along walls and cabinets.
  • Telecom Mounting Plates: These are custom sheet metal enclosures for telecom rooms that provide organization for important connections, as well as protect circuit boards from debris or accidental impacts.
  • Cable Bar Management: Cable bar management prevents cables from tangling by keeping them separate. Made from sheet metal and steel wire, this cable management system makes individual cables easy to trace.
  • Fiber Optic Trays: These trays are specifically designed to protect and orgnazine fiber optic cables. Their smooth-finished wire design ensures optimum performance of fiber optic cables while decreasing issues with wear and tear.

Why Marlin Steel?

Cable management is an important issue faced by the telecom industry. At Marlin Steel, we offer superior-quality custom solutions to address the needs of this complex industry. Our engineering team can design sheet metal and wire form solutions to accommodate our clients’ specifications. We can produce ultra-lightweight steel wire components or heavy-duty sheet metal enclosures. As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we priortize quality and ensure that our products will protect any array of delicate telecom equipment. Our custom capabilities allow us to address any cable management issue in telecom rooms.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Marlin Steel has the knowledge and skill to offer custom solutions for your telecom application. Please contact us to to learn more about our capabilities.

Custom Wire Fabrication Solutions for Your Telecom Management Challenges

Cable Troughs and Trays

Built to be lightweight and unobtrusive, Marlin’s custom cable troughs and cable trays help with cable organization without impeding access to data cabinets.

Telecom Mounting Plates

Custom sheet metal enclosures can be made for telecom rooms to help not only organize important connections, but to protect circuit boards from dust, debris, and accidental impacts.

Cable Bar Management

A combination of sheet metal and steel wire fabrication, Marlin’s cable bar management panels help guide cables and keep them separated—making individual cables easier to trace while preventing tangles.

Cable Rings

Keep bundles of wires together with custom-shaped cable rings that are sized to match your data cable bundles. These rings help to keep bundles from separating, making cable management easier.

Fiber Optic Trays

Smooth-finished wire products that help protect and organize sensitive fiber optic cables to help ensure peak performance while minimizing wear and tear.

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Custom Wire Forming and Sheet Metal Solutions

Have a unique need that a standardized solution just doesn’t fit? Marlin’s engineering team can design a custom wire form or sheet metal solution to match virtually any unique specifications you might have. From super heavy-duty sheet metal enclosures to protect delicate telecom equipment, to ultra-lightweight steel wire products, Marlin’s custom metal forming capabilities provide solutions to all kinds of challenges.