Stainless Steel Rolling Cart
Stainless Steel Rolling Cart
Circular Floats USA Patent # 10,286,943
Circular Floats USA Patent # 10,286,943
CFM Shaft Cart - Patent Pending
CFM Shaft Cart - Patent Pending
Shaft Carts US Patent 2021/0213990 A1
Shaft Carts US Patent 2021/0213990 A1
Carts to Hold Baskets
Carts to Hold Baskets

Precision Construction for Any Application

Marlin Steel specializes in creating custom metal forms for a variety of applications. Every mobile cart Marlin creates is manufactured using advanced factory automation for a very high level of precision, so each cart is identical. From automated CNC press brakes, to laser cutters, to welding robots operating at 1,000 Hz for better welds, Marlin has the tools needed to meet millimeter-precise tolerances for your rolling carts—no matter the application.

We have a variety of stock carts for rapid delivery to manufacturers throughout the USA. Our four most popular cart types are:

Looking for a custom solution?

Custom Carts Made with Quality, Engineered Quick®

Applications for Rolling Carts

Marlin Steel builds custom cart designs for a variety of applications, including:

Industrial Material Handling

Marlin can make heavy-duty industrial steel carts for moving large-scale loads. These carts feature extreme durability for surviving tough manufacturing environments, high tensile strength to handle heavy loads, and a combination of fixed and swivel casters for stability and ease of movement.

Sanitary Food / Pharmaceutical Production

Using food-grade stainless steel, these rolling carts enable food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to easily move large loads while maintaining sanitary conditions. These mobile carts often employ additional polymer covers to keep airborne particulates (such as dust) from touching finished product.

Mobile Carts to Speed Up Drying Processes

By maximizing space between held baskets or trays, rolling carts can help facilitate faster drying of industrial parts after an aqueous wash process. These carts are ideal for parts after both standard and ultrasonic parts-cleaning processes.

Creating a Better Custom Cart

In addition to the stock carts that are available, Marlin’s engineers can create customized rolling carts to meet the specific needs of your particular industry or manufacturing process.

Each custom cart order starts with a brief questionnaire to get the details of how you will be using the cart, including:

  • Dimensions of existing carts, baskets, or trays you use
  • Type of chemicals used in your production process
  • Maximum load weight for the cart and for each tray/basket it will carry
  • Temperatures the cart will be exposed to—and for how long
  • Special functionality requirements such as air flow, drainage, coverings, etc.

Based on this questionnaire, Marlin’s mechanical engineers will create a basic design, including material choice (stainless steel, plain steel, Inconel, etc.), coverings, handles, general frame size/shape, and wheel types used.

For example, hard polymer wheels are often useful for maximizing durability and useful life, while rubberized wheels offer better traction and control for ease of handling.

Once the design is completed, a CAD file is generated and put to the test using Autodesk virtual physics simulation software. These tests help identify any potential faults in the design or materials of the cart prior to mass production. Only after these tests are completed and any flaws are fixed does manufacturing start.

How to Order

Marlin Steel carts can be used for many different industries, including the pharmaceutical, food, industrial manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries. Each cart can be customized with different parts, materials, and spacing to meet your unique needs. To start your custom mobile cart order, contact Marlin Steel today! Most custom orders can be completed within 1-2 weeks of their initial order date and stock carts ship the same day.