MARLIN WOOD provides:

3D routering for prototypes, check fixtures, precision gauges to measure your precision components. Use our fixtures for lean manufacturing one piece flow which can smooth out your production.

In addition, we can make special fittings and forms as well as provide 2D cutting of sheet stock in all plastics and wood products.

Leaders in Custom CNC Router & 3D Machining Services 

Our skilled designers and CNC router professionals can take your idea, drawing or blueprint and help you turn it into a reality. We design, manufacture and distribute to your custom requirements. 

Delivering quality CNC router services to clients worldwide in wood and plastic products is our specialty. Not only that, our expertise makes your job easier. Our staff of professional designers, developers and CNC router operators create high quality products every day, all with your customers in mind. 

Bring us your product and schedule, we'll take care of the rest.

Router Services

We use a CNC router with a 10 ft x 15 ft cutting area and 5 inch vertical travel that allows both 2D and 3D cutting in all plastics and woods. Services made possible with this CNC router include:

  • Wood Milling.
  • Wood Check Panels.
  • Check Fixtures.
  • Wood Fretwork and Wood grills.
  • Wood Sign letters, Wood stencils and 3D Wood Carving.
  • Routed Molds and Routed Forms.
  • Routed Patterns.
  • Wood Check Fixture Templates.