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10 Reasons that Steel is Better for Materials Handling than Plastic

Marlin Steel and the steel industry in general is unique in that it works with raw materials to provide products to a wide variety of industries which seem quite disparate. It’s what happens when the high quality

7 Ways Marlin Steel Leads the Industry in Workplace Safety Procedures

Now more than ever, Americans in particular are paying attention to how employers treat their workers. While worker pay has certainly been in the forefront, concern over one’s employees should go beyond compensation.

Stainless Steel Trays for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Doctors, upon receiving their first white coats, take an ethical oath to their patients. Often that oath is misquoted as including the phrase “First, do no harm” though the actual text reads “I will do no harm.” The

How to Choose the Right Pail Wire Handle for Your Application

While buckets and other objects for carrying and transporting materials may be equipped with other attachments to help ease transportation such as a bucket with wheels, pails have handles. Because of their design, which

What Are Bucket Handles and How Can They Be Used?

Everyday we interact with objects, whether at work or home, without giving much thought to their construction or manufacturing, until they don’t perform the way we’d like. When transporting materials in a bucket, we

Growth Alert: Marlin Steel Expands Factory Floor Space by 56%

Marlin Steel is expanding its factory floor space by 56 percent to accommodate growing sales and an expanding team. 

Why Ultrasonic Cleaning is Ideal for Tray Baskets

Productivity is essential for manufacturers. Regardless of the industry they operate in, manufacturers

10 Questions About Wire Forming to Help You Get the Best Products

If you are looking to use a wire form product for your materials handling and washing basket needs, it’s only natural to have questions about the