Marlin Steel Annular Ring
Annular Ring
Annular Rings
Annular Rings
Rounded Centered Eye
Rounded Centered Eye
Swaged Pierced Wire Form
As Cut Wire Form
As Cut Wire Form
Carriage Head
Carriage Head
Extrude Wire Form
Flattened Flush Wire Form
Gimlet Roll Thread Wire Form
Pinch Point Wire Form
Standard Centered Eye
Standard Offset Eye
Winging or Swaging
Ball End Wire Form
Button Head Wire Form
Collar Wire Form
Deburred Wire Form
Flattened Center Wire Form
Flattened Trimmed Wire Form
Flattened Untrimmed Wire Form
Marlin Steel Form
Grooved Wire Form
Radius Wire Form
Special Shaped Holes Wire Form
Standard Roll Thread Wire Form
Straight Knurl Wire Form
Turned End Wire Form

Wire forming involves applying force to a length of wire to alter its shape. Raw stock feeds into wire forming machinery either from wire coils weighing anywhere from 5 to 5,000 pounds or as blank forms in a hopper. Forming equipment will then utilize a range of possible techniques such as swaging, bending, shearing, and piercing so that the wire will take on the desired profile. Encompassing a variety of configurations, dimensions, and textures, wire forms are two- or three-dimensional parts of metal wire or tube construction.

Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC is a custom wire form manufacturer designing and engineering products ranging from stainless steel baskets, material handling containers, and racks to swaged and pierced wire forms and S, C, and eye hooks. In business since 1968, our company has extensive experience creating wire form solutions for clients in several industries.

Read on to learn more about our custom wire forming abilities, the materials and finishes we use, the shapes we can achieve, and the advantages of partnering with Marlin Steel.

Looking for a custom solution?

We do more than stock products. Contact us to see how our customization capabilities can help.

Our Wire Form Manufacturing Capabilities

To meet the needs of virtually any industrial or production project, Marlin Steel manufactures all styles of wire forms with precision for fast delivery. We incorporate automated manufacturing equipment and wire-bending robots into our processes to quickly and reliably produce consistent, high-quality results. Our Baltimore shop is equipped with such machinery as:

  • Three-Dimensional CNC Bender–AIM that achieves over 6,000 bends each hour
  • RoboMac 310 CNC wire forming robot
  • Ultimat UMW-100 for high-speed, precise wire forming
  • Minister CX-1100 for clean and rapid piercing, swaging, and more

Each week, we design, manufacture, and ship tens or even hundreds of thousands of custom wire forms to engineers and industrial customers across the globe.

We build our custom creations to your exact specifications. Our team can machine wire with a minimum and maximum diameter of 0.05 and 1.25 inches, respectively, with options for fine and ultra-fine sizes. We'll work closely with you to understand your product needs and then suggest design improvements to optimize your wire form for a truly customized solution.


We utilize a range of materials for our custom metal forms to meet the unique performance needs of your application. We commonly work with:

  • Stainless steel: Grades 304, 316, and 330
  • Steel: Grades 1008 and 1010
  • Carbon steel: Bright basic, low, medium, and high varieties
  • Galvanized steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Other alloyed materials

Coatings and Finishes

We offer more than 40 coating and finishing options for our products, with common examples including:

  • Natural finish
  • Soft polymers
  • Scratch-resistant hard polymers
  • Electropolish
  • Passivation: Stainless steel and steel
  • Coating: Nylon, Teflon®, Halar, Kynar, powder, and plastic coat
  • Plating: Nickel, zinc, chrome, and galvanized plate


Marlin Steel primarily works with round wire, but other options include:

Oval Oval
Square Square
Hexagon Hexagon
Triangular Triangular
Ellipse Ellipse
D-Shaped D-Shaped
Flat Flat

Examples of Products Manufactured:

Complex Wire Forms
Contact Assemblies for Appliances
Flattening Operations
Formed Wire
Pierced Steel Parts
Piercing of Wire Forms
Reel to Reel Steel Parts
Specialty Steel Products
Spring Contacts
Steel Pins
Steel Swages
Wire Links
Annealed Spring Steel Link Cartridge
Brackets & Clips
Contact Assemblies
Copper Top Spring Stamping
Metal Stampings
Phosphor Bronze Stampings
Shields & Bushings
Steel Shield Four Slide and Multi Slide Stampings for Automotive Applications
Terminals & Lead Frames
Bent Wire
Steel Terminals
Wire Fasteners

Metal Forming Services:

  • assembly of wire forms
  • automotive wire forms
  • bent wire
  • bracket wire forms
  • cfc wireforms
  • clamp wire forms
  • clip wire forms
  • CNC wire bending
  • CNC wire forming
  • CNC wire forms
  • custom metal forming
  • custom wire form
  • custom wire form manufacturer
  • custom wire forming
  • custom wire forms
  • custom wire products
  • die design/building
  • fasteners
  • form manufacturer
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  • formed metal
  • formed wire products
  • forming of aluminum
  • forming of metals
  • forming steel
  • Fourslide wireforms
  • HEB manufacturing
  • industrial wire forms
  • industrial wire products
  • medical wire forms
  • metal forming services
  • metal stampings
  • packaging of wire forms
  • pointed wire forms
  • precision metal stampings
  • precision wire components
  • precision wire forms
  • prototyping of wire forms
  • RFC wire forms
  • sheet metal forming
  • small clip wire forms
  • stainless steel forming
  • stampings
  • steel and wire
  • steel wire form
  • steel wire products
  • sub-assembly wire forms
  • welded wire assemblies
  • welded wire forms
  • wire assembly
  • wire bending
  • wire bending with CNC press brake
  • wire fabrication
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  • wire mesh
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  • wire producer
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Custom Wire Forms

Contact Our Experts for Premium Wire Forming Solutions

At Marlin Steel, our custom wire forming company works tirelessly to find innovative ways to enhance wire form functionality and performance, boost efficiency to accelerate your time to market, and reduce costs. We offer both in-stock and custom products to meet your needs and deadlines. Our team is committed to Quality Engineered Quick®, offering fast delivery on all our 100% Made-in-the-USA products for clients around the world.

In addition to precision wire forming, we also specialize in sheet metal fabrication, steel machining and fixturing, and robotic welding, as well as stress analysis for wire forms with applications in demanding workflows to ensure they'll perform as expected in your manufacturing facility. We're an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, our compliance form for the ASME BTH 1 2008 standard is available upon request, and OSHA has recognized us with their SHARP award for workplace safety.

To learn more about the Marlin Steel difference and our custom wire forming capabilities, contact us today.