Unyielding Stability with Marlin Steel Tie-Backs

Ensure the resilience of your concrete retaining walls and concrete wall panels with Marlin Steel's Tie-Backs which are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled stability, hold structures in place, and resist forces that could otherwise compromise the integrity of your project.

Tie-Back Key Features

Strategic Stability Design

Marlin Steel's Tie-Backs, also referred to in the industry as panel anchors, are engineered with a focus on strategic stability. The unique design ensures that the wire forms effectively hold the precast concrete wall panels in place, preventing any undesirable shifts or movements.

Resistance Against External Forces

Our tie-backs are crafted to resist forces that could potentially impact the structure of precast concrete wall panels during road construction. The robust construction and materials used in these panel anchor systemsguarantee durability and reliability in the face of external pressures.

Custom Solutions for Varied Needs

Recognizing the diverse requirements of precast concrete wall panels, Marlin Steel offers customized Tie-Back solutions. Whether your project demands specific tie-back features or other wire forms for reinforcement, our team is dedicated to meeting your design and engineering specifications.

Why Choose Marlin Steel Tie-Backs?

Custom Solutions for Your Project

Custom Solutions for Your Project

At Marlin Steel, we thrive on delivering tailor-made solutions. Collaborate with our experts to ensure that the tie-backs for your precast concrete wall panels align perfectly with your project's unique needs.

Quality Engineered Quick®

Our commitment to Quality Engineered Quick® underscores our promise to provide swift and precise solutions. With Marlin Steel, you not only get exceptional panel anchors but also a timely reinforcement of your precast concrete wall panels.


Material: High-quality wire forms
Customization: Designed to meet specific project requirements
Durability: Crafted for long-lasting stability and resistance

Elevate Your Concrete Retaining Walls with Marlin Steel Tie-Backs

Invest in the strength and stability of your road construction projects with Marlin Steel's Tie-Backs. Our wire forms are not just products; they are assurances of a steadfast foundation. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the precision of custom solutions backed by Marlin Steel's legacy of Quality Engineered Quick®.