Hand Sanitizer Stand - 02467003-01

Marlin Steel’s universal sanitizer stand is a custom hand hygiene solution for ensuring sanitation in your facility. This plain steel black-coated stand is designed to work with different dispenser models across various brands, as well as Marlin’s no-touch sanitizer dispenser. The stand can be easily moved to convenient locations or areas of high traffic for increased organization and accessibility. Models are designed to hold dispensers (not included).


Our universal stand works with these following dispenser brands:

  • SC Johnson #20364
  • SC Johnson #20365
  • Deb #TF2CHR
  • Purell’s GOJO ES4, GOJO ES8, GOJO 2720 TFX

Marlin Steel’s Hand Sanitizer Stand works with dispenser models:


Marlin Part #


Hand Sanitizer Stand



Hand Sanitizer Stand and Dispenser



Header for Hand Sanitizer Stand (-03)



3.5 inch Diameter Holder & Stand; Holds 60 Count Oxivir Wipes



3.5 inch Diameter Holder; Holds 60 Count Oxivir Wipes



4 inch Inside Diameter Holder; Holds 75 Count Clorox Wipes



4 inch Diameter Holder & Stand; Holds 75 Count Clorox Wipes



5 inch Diameter Holder & Stand; Holds 160 Count Purell Wipes



5 inch Inside Diameter Holder; Holds 160 Count Purell Wipes



6 inch Diameter Holder & Stand; Holds 1 Gallon Jug



6 inch Inside Diameter Holder; Holds 1 Gallon Jug



8.5 inch Inside Diameter Bracket Holder; Holds 160 Count Oxivir Wipes



8.5 inch Diameter Bracket Holder; Holds 160 Count Oxivir Wipes



1/2 Gal. Jug Holder



1/2 Gal. Header and Stand



hand sanitizer stand with dispenser


Wall Mounted Brackets Available:

  • 1 Gallon Wall Mount Bracket: 00108009-38
  • ½ Gallon Wall Mount Bracket: 00108010-38

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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers - 02467007-38

With it’s no-touch soap valve, Marlin Steel’s hand sanitizer dispensers are ideal for minimizing surface contact and reducing the spread of germs. Dispensers are made of durable stainless steel and can hold 30 oz of liquid soap, alcohol gel, liquid alcohol, hand sanitizers, or iodine. The dispenser can be quickly and easily attached to the Marlin Steel sanitizer dispenser stand or mounted on a wall.

Sensor-Activated For Better Hygiene - Touch Free

Marlin’s stands can fit a variety of dispenser models, including Marlin’s touchless sanitizer dispenser. The “no-touch” component allows for minimal contact with other surfaces and allows users to be as sanitary as possible. A no-touch sanitizing station removes the risk of unnecessary touch and delivers a powerful sanitizing solution in one quick, convenient action.

Marlin Steel’s Hand Sanitizer Stand works with dispenser models:


Marlin Part #

Dispenser for Liquid or Gel Hand Sanitizer 30 oz. Reservoir – No Cartridges



Hand Sanitizers

Marlin Steel offers hand sanitizer so you can make sure your dispensers are always filled with the highest quality product. Options include:


Marlin Part #

Hand Sanitizer Liquid 1/2 GAL (80% alcohol content)
Min. Order 9 Units


Hand Sanitizer Gel 1/2 GAL (72% alcohol content)
Min. Order 9 Units


Hand Sanitizer Liquid 1 GAL (80% alcohol content)
Min. Order 4 Units


Hand Sanitizer Liquid 50 GAL
(72% alcohol content)


330 Gallon (42,240 oz) Tote of Hand Sanitizer


The CDC considers sanitizers over 60% alcohol content most effective for killing the COVID-19 virus.

Foot Pull - 01153010-41

Marlin’s foot pull allows employees to open doors with their feet, so there is no need to touch a dirty door handle. It can be screwed to the bottom of the door for minimal surface contact. 

As manufacturers and businesses reopen, employees must come back to a sanitary working environment. With normal routine cleaning and frequent disinfection with sanitizers, you can encourage infectious disease control and keep your workspace productive, safe, and open post-pandemic. 

Since the COVID-19 virus can be killed with the right sanitizing products, encouraging regular hygiene practices for employees will effectively lower the risk of transmission. Marlin Steel offers a hand sanitizer stand, dispenser, and other products to ensure accessible sanitation for all employees on the factory floor so you can keep your business as safe as possible.


Marlin Part #

Foot Pull Handle 6IN



Benefits of Having a Marlin Steel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Minimize any risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection with Marlin Steel’s sanitizer dispenser stand. This universal stand is designed for the demanding applications of the manufacturing, food processing, medical industries, and more, all while ensuring your employees can stay safe and productive as the economy reopens. 

Ensures a Safe Working Environment

Hand sanitizer dispenser stands equip your manufacturing facility for implementing proper infectious disease control and significantly reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As employees return to work, they want to be reassured that they are entering a safe environment. Installing hand sanitizer stations will not only minimize risks of COVID-19 transmission and other diseases spreading between coworkers, but will reassure your staff that you care about their health and are encouraging hygienic strategies for their protection.

Accessible for Employees 

Hand sanitizer stations are a convenient way to ensure sterile conditions and workplace safety since they can be set up wherever is most accessible for employees. Whether it’s placed at their individual workspaces or in communal hallways with high traffic, sanitizer dispenser stands encourage employees to maintain proper hygiene and result in less lost productivity time from employees needing to travel farther distances to maintain cleanliness—such as having to wash their hands in a restroom on the other side of the facility.

Marlin Steel Products for Infectious Disease Control

When COVID-19 cases began to rise, Marlin Steel got to work designing steel wire forms for medical and pharmaceutical applications and infectious disease control. Alongside producing stainless steel test tube racks for COVID-19 testing, Marlin Steel manufactures hand sanitizer stands and dispensers to protect your staff as they now begin to return back to work.

If you’re looking for other ways to maintain infectious disease control, Marlin Steel also offers PPE equipment for your employees, including face shields and goggles. Reach out to one of our experts with inquiries about our PPE products!



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