Stainless Steel Basket Types

Marlin Steel offers an incredible variety of custom stainless steel baskets and in-stock baskets. We have everything from washing, cleaning, autoclaving, sterilizing, and degreasing baskets compatible with overhead conveyor systems, and baskets for demanding work environments, and much more. We also offer a variety of finishing options for all of our wire baskets, such as electropolishing and passivation.

Mesh Stainless Steel Baskets

Stainless steel mesh baskets are useful in many types of workplaces. One of their most common uses is holding tools, parts, or workpieces while they are washed. Our mesh baskets keep smaller items safely contained during the washing process and prevent parts from damaging one another or the washing machine. Water and cleaning chemicals easily drain from the basket’s mesh body for thorough cleansing and simple cleanup.
Mesh Baskets With Lids
Mesh Baskets With Lids
Round Mesh Baskets with Lids
Round Mesh Baskets with Lids
Rectangular Mesh Baskets with Handles
Rectangular Mesh Baskets with Handles
Round Mesh Baskets with Handles
Round Mesh Baskets with Handles
Mesh Baskets with Built-In Handles
Mesh Baskets with Built In Handles
Mesh Baskets with Compartments
Mesh Baskets with Compartments

Material Handling & Parts Washing Baskets

Material handling and parts washing baskets require rugged construction to withstand tasks such as cleaning, dipping, and moving parts within industrial settings. Our wire baskets for these applications are incredibly durable and are made to last.

Our material handling baskets work great with conveyors and have handles for easy handling and but have minimal impact on the amount of space they take up.

To clean this equipment thoroughly and safely, airline companies, aviation manufacturers, and parts distributors rely on our aviation blade and vane baskets in our in-stock product list. Aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) procedures keep turbine engines working properly and ensure safety. Cleaning aviation parts like blades and vanes is crucial to keeping aviation passengers and aircraft safe. These components are built to withstand environmental stresses.

Our ultrasonic cleaning baskets are ideal for ultrasonic cleaning, immersion cleaning, spray wash, solvent cleaning and penetrant cleaning.

Overhead conveyor baskets save valuable floor space and improve efficiency in manufacturing and distribution environments. We create these industry-standard products with versatility in mind. Our overhead conveyor baskets are designed for industrial environments and are available with multiple design features, including strut channels and lids.
Wire Material Handling Baskets
Wire Material Handling Baskets
Aviation Blade & Vane Baskets
Aviation Blade & Vane Baskets
Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets
Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets
Washing Basket Racks
Washing Basket Racks
Overhead Conveyor Baskets
Overhead Conveyor Baskets

Stainless Steel Cylinder Baskets

Cylinder baskets are designed with dividers for holding multiple bottles, cylinder-shaped objects, pouches, or squares. Their stackable wire construction allows them to function well as a washing rack.
Cylinder Baskets
Cylinder Baskets


Industries Served

Marlin Steel is proud to serve many critical industries with products that are developed with industry-specific end-use applications in mind.

  • AerospaceAerospace Aerospace
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Medical & Pharmaceutical Medical &
  • Food ProcessingFood Processing Food
  • AutomotiveAutomotive Automotive
  • TelecommunicationsTelecommunications Telecommunications
AerospaceAerospace Aerospace

Marlin Steel has created 35 unique stack baskets and racks for a few of the biggest names in the aerospace industry, including GE Aviation, Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney, and CFM. Our engineers help OEMs and suppliers streamline their production capabilities with various custom-developed solutions, including wire baskets, turbine blade carriers, circular engine floats, shaft carts, and more.


Medical & Pharmaceutical Medical & Pharmaceutical Medical &

Products used in medical environments must be easy to thoroughly sanitize. Our products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries are electropolished to create perfectly smooth surfaces, free of microscopic cracks that could harbor bacteria. We produce wire racks, trays, wire baskets, and sanitary carts for medical environments.


Food ProcessingFood Processing Food

Food processing manufacturers must adhere to stringent FDA requirements. Marlin Steel is highly experienced in adhering to these regulations and works alongside food production companies to develop custom electropolished steel carts, racks, and wire baskets. Our products increase production process safety and efficiency.


AutomotiveAutomotive Automotive

In automotive applications, our steel baskets and wire forms help manufacturers manage and improve their workflows, reduce production delays, minimize scrap, and improve safety.


TelecommunicationsTelecommunications Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry uses an enormous amount of cables and wires. When left unorganized, these items become a safety hazard that makes maintenance procedures difficult. To solve these issues, Marlin Steel produces custom wire-formed trays for telecom cables.

At Marlin Steel, we address complex industry-specific needs with superior-quality, custom products. Whether your business is large or small, our engineering team can develop a long-lasting solution with fast delivery.


About Marlin Steel

Since 1968, Marlin Steel has crafted American-made steel wire forms and stainless steel wire baskets to the specifications of numerous customers in various industries. Our diverse product catalog includes everything from heavy-duty parts washing baskets to delicate mesh containers for pharmaceutical components. If the exact product you’re looking for isn’t in our catalog, we also create custom-designed solutions that meet your precise needs. Customers can rely on our mechanical engineers to expertly design all aspects of their custom wire basket’s design to meet job requirements.

 Choosing the Right Wire Basket for the Job

Creating the perfect basket for any application requires a thorough understanding of the process the basket will be used in, the materials it will hold, and the dimensions of any containers it will need to fit in. When developing a standard or custom product, our engineers take time to thoroughly understand the basket’s function, form, and fit. These factors help us develop the right design and select the most appropriate materials.

To learn more about the most common wire basket applications and the methods our engineers use to create a custom design, you can download our free eBook, “Choosing the Right Basket for the Job.”

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Top Quality Stainless Steel Baskets by Marlin Steel

With over five decades of experience, Marlin Steel is a trusted expert in superior quality steel wire baskets. If you can’t find the exact product you need in our online catalog, our engineers can develop a custom design that meets all of your requirements. All of our products are 100% made in America, built to last, and delivered rapidly. When you need a wire basket manufacturer that provides Quality Engineered Quick®, choose Marlin Steel. For more information or to get a quote, contact our team.

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Basket #00147027
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Basket #00147023
Rotating Handles for Easy Carrying, Fine Steel Mesh, Adjustable Lid with Pins


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Sturdy Sheet Metal Frame, Compression Springs to Secure the Lid, Fine Wire Mesh for Easy Draining/Air Flow


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Basket #00147017
Ultra-Fine Woven Wire Mesh, Sheet Metal Reinforced Frame, Heavy-Duty Handles for Easy Carrying


Basket #00147015
Stackable Open-Topped Design, Wire Mesh Reinforced with Support Bars, Handles for Ease of Carrying


Spring Lid #00147013
Usable with Several Premade Marlin Basket Types, Springs on Lid to Hold It Secure, Fine Wire Mesh to Let Air in/out


Basket #00147012
Holds up to 40 lbs. of Parts; Large, Open Design for High Capacity; Fine Wire Mesh to Hold Many Small Parts


Basket #00147011
300-lb. Weight Capacity, Bottom Diamond Frame for Support, Can Hold a Few Large Parts or Many Small Ones