Acquisition Strategy

Part of our strategy to serve our customers even better is driven by manufacturing company acquisitions. Ideal candidates are other manufacturing companies focused on Medical/Pharma or Aerospace within 1,000 miles of Baltimore, but any continental U.S. based manufacturing company will be considered, if there is a favorable alignment to our ongoing operations.

Acquisition Criteria

Company Characteristics

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Good management team
  • Strong brand position in one or more niche markets
  • Solid pipeline of new products
  • Well established operations

Financial Characteristics

  • A minimum single-digit positive operating profit percentage

Platform companies

  • $1 million - $15 million annual revenue
  • EBITDA – minimum $350,000 to $5 million

Geographical Characteristics

  • A Mid Atlantic U.S. location is preferred, but any continental U.S. based manufacturing company will be considered

Investment Size

  • Up to $15 million

In accordance with the investment philosophy of its parent company, Marlin Steel's approach is unique:

  • Unlike most private equity investors, Marlin Steel has no defined holding period for acquisitions; its preference is to work together forever.
  • Unlike most strategic buyers, the companies in which Marlin Steel invests will continue to operate independently with their current management team and culture intact.

If your company fits the Marlin Steel Wire Products profile, we'd like to hear from you. Fill out the contact form below or reach out to Gabrielle Silgalis via phone at 443-844-5214.

Meet Charlie Jenkins: Sold 60-Year Old Factory to Marlin Steel

Responsible for shipping millions of pail and wire bucket handles all over the country and exporting to numerous overseas countries, Baltimore Automatic Wire Forming Corporation (BAWFC) is the oldest and largest manufacturer of handles in the United States. In November 2020, Owner and President, Charlie Jenkins, sold BAWFC to Marlin Steel for a new chapter of collaboration in the company’s rich history. 

Marlin Steel had the privilege of interviewing Charlie Jenkins. Watch the video interview to learn about his experience during the acquisition with the Marlin Steel team.

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