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Marlin Steel’s L-Brackets are made with consistency and precision, allowing them to serve a wide range of industries and applications.

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L-brackets to attach a vertical component to a horizontal surface, or vice versa.

True to its name, an L-bracket is a brace with a right angle, which creates an “L” shape. Also called angle brackets or corner brackets, L-brackets are available in a wide variety of sizes and reinforcement options. Most are made of steel or aluminum and can be used in corners or other areas. Material and thickness are important variables to consider in terms of load capacity. 

Here you’ll find out more about the benefits and applications of using L-brackets.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using Marlin Steel L-Brackets?

Here are the advantages of choosing Marlin Steel L-brackets:

  • Advanced equipment produces high-quality, durable products
  • Seamless operation when used in conjunction with rails
  • Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a smooth, reflective finish
  • Works with nearly every type of convex mirror for automotive applications

What Are the Common Applications of Marlin Steel L-Brackets?

L-brackets are particularly useful for mounting or attaching a vertical component to a horizontal surface or vice versa. Here are some common applications of steel L-brackets:

  • Cabinet and shelving units: L-brackets are especially common for installing shelves in an electronic enclosure. Cabinets and shelving units rely on L-brackets for reinforcement. Other reinforcement options tend to cause bending or warping over time, particularly for load-bearing applications. L-brackets eliminate this concern by providing superior support.
  • Framing: L-brackets are useful when framing a room where support is needed in the corners. The extra support helps prevent any bowing or warping that can occur over time. There are many ways to use an L-bracket in this context, such as using drywall anchors or anchoring the L-bracket to the stud behind the sheetrock. 
  • Framing mirrors: L-brackets are commonly used when mounting framing mirrors. They secure the mirror in place while providing extra reinforcement, keeping the mirror safe. 
  • Granite countertops: Granite countertops and other counters that use heavy materials need to be supported with heavy-duty braces. L-brackets placed every two feet can provide adequate support.
  • Floating bar tops: Floating bar tops have no vertical columns or supports, creating the “floating” illusion. Instead, they are mounted on and supported by the perpendicular wall with L-brackets. The thickness and weight of the bar top will determine which L-bracket should be used. Generally, L-brackets sized ⅜” to ½” provide sufficient load capacity.
  • Wood benches: A floating wood bench can be designed in a very similar way to a floating bar top. The only key differences are the thickness of the material and the height from the ground. Because they tend to bear heavier loads than bar tops, floating wooden benches can be secured with ½” L-brackets. 

Choosing Madsen Steel for Your Stainless Steel L-Bracket Needs

With nearly six decades of experience, Marlin Steel is an industry leader in fabricating standard and custom-engineered L-brackets. Our L-brackets are made with consistency and precision, allowing them to serve a wide range of industries and applications. All of our manufacturing is done in the U.S., keeping our production safe from global supply chain disruptions. Over 20% of our staff holds a mechanical engineering degree, and all our employees strive to ensure our products meet stringent Quality Management System standards. 

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company committed to delivering high-quality steel wire products on time and within budget. If you have any questions about our L-brackets or other manufacturing capabilities, feel free to contact us or request a quote today. Or, check out our L-brackets in our catalog!