Marlin Steel helps pharmaceutical companies and medical practices around the world meet their goals with precision-engineered custom stainless steel wire baskets, tray, and disease control equipment. Because we understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for custom parts washing, each steel wire form can be made to specifications to best meet your unique needs.

Our custom-manufactured stainless steel products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry includes a range of sanitary carts, trays, baskets, and equipment that can all be electropolished to provide a microscopically-smooth surface. This electropolishing makes it incredibly easy to ensure cart/tray/basket sterility from one operation to the next.

Why Use Stainless Steel?

There are numerous benefits of custom wire forms for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Stainless steel is highly corrosion-resistant, which makes it ideal for applications with corrosive chemicals, such as blood, salt, and cleaning agents. The inherently sterile nature of stainless steel and the sanitation benefits of electropolishing, make this high-quality metal quintessential for pharmaceutical and medical environments.

When compared to alternatives, such as plastic, steel has numerous advantages, including:

  • Ease of Sanitation. Where plastic may absorb some contaminants and allow them to spread), steel is non-absorbent and allows for better sanitation control. Additionally, stainless steel can take extremely high temperatures without getting damaged and electropolishing makes the surface incredibly easy to sterilize.
  • Durability. Stainless steel is highly durable and stronger than alternatives. Even the “softest” of stainless steel alloys tend to be many times stronger than plastic. Stainless steel tends to resist scratching, handle drops, and take high temperatures far better than alternatives can. Due to its corrosion resistance, chemicals will not wear down stainless steel. 
  • Total Cost of Ownership. A well-made stainless steel surgical tray will far outlast cheaper alternatives and provide consistent protection to delicate and small medical parts that would be expensive to replace if damaged.
  • Sustainability. Stainless steel is incredibly easy to reuse and recycle compared to most polymers. Where plastic may end up in the dump or the ocean as pollution, steel can be re-used in countless other products with ease.


Custom Wire Forms for your Medical and Pharmaceutical Needs

Here some of our products that can help with a wide variety of your medical and pharmaceutical procedures. If you have specific requirements for your wire form tray or baskets, Marlin Steel’s team of engineers can create a custom wire form specifically for your needs. 


Medical Trays

The right stainless steel medical trays can protect delicate medical instruments during parts cleaning and enhance the sterilization process. Marlin Steel’s medical instrument trays can be designed to be moved efficiently between processes, whether by hand or by conveyor belt, and can be electropolished to ensure sterility. 

Baskets & Wireforms        

 Whether you need an ultra-fine woven mesh basket to hold delicate small parts or a stackable frame for storage, Marlin Steel’s baskets and wire forms help pharmaceutical and medical products meet their stringent standards for sanitation and sterility. The corrosion resistance properties of stainless steel make these products stronger than alternatives, such as plastic, and more resistant to damage. 


Essentials for Disease Control         

Marlin Steel proudly designs products for infectious disease control, including ventilator parts, PPE, test tube racks,shields,and goggles. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Marlin Steel’s engineers created stainless steel test tube racks for a large healthcare provider to assist with viral testing, as highlighted by the Washington Post.


  Check out some of our medical & pharmaceutical wireforms below:


Cart #02306002
Caster Wheels, Passivated Finish, U-Channels to Hold Baskets


Basket #02306001
Electropolished 316 Stainless Steel, Dividers to Hold Pouches, Hinged Lid to Secure Contents


Basket #00147027
Reinforced Sheet Metal Side Panels, Circular Restraints to Hold Parts, Stackable Design


Basket #00147023
Rotating Handles for Easy Carrying, Fine Steel Mesh, Adjustable Lid with Pins


Basket #00147037
Sturdy Sheet Metal Frame, Compression Springs to Secure the Lid, Fine Wire Mesh for Easy Draining/Air Flow


Basket #00147022
Heavy-Duty Sheet Metal Construction, Adjustable-Height Lid, Laser-Cut Perforated Sheet Metal


Basket #00147017
Ultra-Fine Woven Wire Mesh, Sheet Metal Reinforced Frame, Heavy-Duty Handles for Easy Carrying


Basket #00147015
Stackable Open-Topped Design, Wire Mesh Reinforced with Support Bars, Handles for Ease of Carrying


Spring Lid #00147013
Usable with Several Premade Marlin Basket Types, Springs on Lid to Hold It Secure, Fine Wire Mesh to Let Air in/out


Basket #00147012
Holds up to 40 lbs. of Parts; Large, Open Design for High Capacity; Fine Wire Mesh to Hold Many Small Parts


Basket #00147011
300-lb. Weight Capacity, Bottom Diamond Frame for Support, Can Hold a Few Large Parts or Many Small Ones

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Need a Custom Pharmaceutical-Grade Basket Immediately?

The baskets showcased above are all examples of Marlin’s past work—but they aren’t the only baskets that Marlin can manufacture. Marlin’s manufacturing team can create customized pharmaceutical baskets and trays to meet your specifications.

If you need a custom-built wire or sheet metal form for a specific medical or pharmaceutical application, contact Marlin Steel today!

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