When it comes to creating top-quality custom materials handling and parts washing baskets, Marlin Steel is dedicated to providing the best manufacturing process possible. To that end, Marlin Steel offers 3D printing manufacturing for creating small parts that would be difficult or impossible to make reliably using other manufacturing methods. Watch the 3D printer in action, below!



3D printing, sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing, assembles parts layer by layer to create intricate forms as laid out in a CAD file. Primary benefits of 3D printing include:

  • Increased Innovation in Designs. 3D printing provides greater creative freedom in engineering a custom part. This translates into the ability to make more complicated designs with ease compared to other methods such as injection-mold parts forming.
  • Rapid Production of Prototype Parts. With 3D printing, there is no need for specialized tooling to create a part. The printer is simply loaded with the desired materials and set to print. This enables Marlin Steel to start producing parts almost as soon as the design has been finalized.
  • Freedom to Switch between Production Lines. As an added benefit of the reduction in tooling needs for 3D printing, these devices can rapidly switch from making one type of part to another with ease. This is especially true when the next set of parts uses the same materials as the last.
  • Minimal Material Waste. 3D printing helps to minimize the use of material to manufacture a part, reducing total waste. The benefit to you is that you pay less overall for materials, as there is little material wasted. Also, 3D printing materials are easily recycled, making it a greener, more ecologically-conscious solution.

Supplement Your Production with Marlin Steel’s Manufacturing Expertise

By combining 3D printing with other tried and true manufacturing techniques and the Marlin Steel engineering team’s years of practical experience, it is easier than ever to get the perfect custom parts baskets to meet your needs.

For example, when creating baskets to hold delicate parts where their surface condition is a major concern, rather than coating the whole basket in PVC, it is possible to use 3D printing to create custom dividers/holders to keep the parts in place using a minimal amount of material. This saves you money by reducing the total amount of material for your basket. The engineering experience of the Marlin Steel manufacturing team and their advanced automation tools make it possible. If you'd like to see what Marlin Steel can do for you, contact us here.