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Any business that produces, processes, or transports consumable goods is subject to strict regulations that govern product quality, safety, and hygiene. With a background in serving the food and beverage sector, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC got its start in commodity bagel baskets, giving us vast industry and regulatory knowledge to support your operations. We specialize in standard and custom wire and steel products, offering durable food-grade metal wire baskets and more for clients in food processing. Our team can assist you in adhering to regulations while supporting your timeline and budget requirements.

Quality Food-Grade Wire Baskets Designed for Success

At Marlin Steel, we design our wire products to safely and efficiently handle versatile tasks. From wire food baskets and trays to racks and displays, our food-safe wire forms will support your operation by:

Making Sanitation Easy

We can make our stainless steel baskets with an electropolished finish. This finish smooths the basket on a microscopic scale so germs and food byproducts won’t stick to the metal. Also, food-grade stainless steel has a very high melting point, so it can withstand heat-based sanitizing methods with ease.

Optimizing Air Flow

Our food-grade wire baskets offer enormous customization opportunities, specifically in regard to the wire spacing. This allows for the creation of a food-grade wire basket with optimum air flow to speed your processes along or allow byproducts to drain easily. This prevents liquids from pooling in the basket, eliminating a major contamination risk.

Minimizing the Need to Switch Baskets Mid-Process

Marlin’s stainless steel food-grade wire baskets can be customized to withstand a variety of temperatures and chemicals. This allows the same baskets to be used with the majority of your equipment—from oven to freezer. Being able to keep your food in one processing basket from start to finish minimizes handling time and increases your production throughput.


Explore Marlin Steel’s Food Processing Baskets


A large, sturdy basket suited for large-scale deep frying tasks. This was used by one client for cooking large quantities of turkey legs.


An open container design used to clean other equipment of corn dust. The plentiful open space makes it easy to remove food debris.


A custom basket rack that can hold several smaller baskets at once for ease of movement/storage. Designed for use with Basket #00562002


A divided wire basket that was used to display a number of different food products in storefronts.


A large lidded basket that was used for sterilizing food processing and storage equipment, including glassware.


An open-sided tray designed to make removing product fast and easy. Specifically designed for compatibility with pudding cups, but it also can be used with a number of other products.


A sieve basket suited for handling seafood in salt-rich processes. Designed to help optimize shellfish peeling operations in warm or cold peeling machines.


Basket with layered inserts to hold large quantities of product containers at a time for ease of shipping and maximum product protection to prevent crushing of soft cups.


Designed to allow for the cleaning of small pipes and other processing equipment in a COP sink.


Display rack optimized for holding K cups and other small items in a storefront display.


Oyster processing basket made to be used in blanching and other oyster preparation processes. Hot-dip galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion from exposure to salt-enriched environments common to oyster processing.

Ensuring Compliance for Metal Food Baskets

Marlin Steel emphasizes food basket safety and hygiene through the following:
  • Compliant materials. Food-contact equipment's material construction shouldn't allow the migration of harmful substances or leach taste, smell, or color into the food. Marlin Steel employs food-grade wire in stainless steel for our metal food baskets. Using durable, high-quality stainless steel allows our baskets to resist abrasion or chipping from heavy use, corrosion from moisture or cleaning chemicals, and degradation from exposure to high temperatures. These easy-to-clean materials support hygienic practices and help maintain the quality and integrity of your food products.
  • Optimized food basket design. We design our wire food baskets to safeguard against bacterial growth, but also to ensure that they'll address your requirements for performance and longevity. We utilize Autodesk physics simulation software to virtually test your custom basket or tray, confirming that it will meet the needs of the application and hold up under the intended use conditions over time. Our team will then make any needed adjustments to the design prior to proceeding with full-scale production, saving you time and money.
  • Focus on sanitation. Marlin Steel understands that you need metal baskets that can withstand an array of cleaning solutions and high temperatures to safely hold, transport, and process food products. Any degradation or corrosion could leave unsmooth surfaces or pits in which bacteria might grow. To that end, applying an electropolish finish protects your basket while simplifying cleaning and keeping food and contaminants alike from sticking. Strategic wire spacing in our designs facilitates cleaning, as well.
  • Testing for compliance. We've already tested your basket design in the pre-production phase. However, we can also conduct testing on our finished wire products to guarantee that our food baskets adhere to stringent industry standards.

Contact Our Experts for Premium Metal Wire Food Basket Solutions

Partnering with Marlin Steel will help ensure that your metal wire food baskets adhere to industry regulations for food-safe operations. All of our food baskets, trays, racks, and related products are 100% made in the USA and backed by Marlin Steel's 55+ years of experience. We believe in Quality Engineered Quick®, offering high-quality products tailored to your application to meet your needs for performance, fast delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

Contact us to learn more about our in-stock and custom food basket solutions, or request a quote today to get started.

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