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Marlin Steel’s engineering team understands how tough the requirements for the aerospace parts manufacturing industry can be—and how to best meet or exceed those requirements. Backed by years of practical experience in meeting the industry’s needs, Marlin Steel’s engineers have developed custom circular engine floats, turbine fan blade carriers, and custom wire baskets for your industrial aerospace needs.

aviation-blade-vane-basketExample of one of Marlin's vane and blade baskets.

02320003-101-02-04-1Marlin's circular float. Available in 3 sizes.

02320006-09-01Marlin Pusher used to easily transport parts.

aviation-shaft-cardShaft cart to provide perimeter protection for shafts with no metal on metal contact.

Increase Productivity by Optimizing the MRO Process

The maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) process is an essential component of any aerospace business, but the process can be time-consuming. Marlin Steel has developed custom products for aerospace applications to help expedite the MRO process so your company can better optimize its time.

Here are some of our products that can help streamline your aerospace overhaul procedures:

Circular Floats

Marlin Steel has developed a patented circular float uniquely designed to protect commercial aircraft engine parts from accidental damage during the engine overhaul process by avoiding metal on metal contact between parts and removing debris from the parts carrier. 

Marlin’s aerospace steel circular floats feature heavy-duty casters to handle large aircraft engines or components such as jet turbine fans, straps to keep them secure, coatings to prevent scratching, and clips to allow multiple floats to be joined to carry several turbines at once with ease. These features help to protect your turbines from accidental damage after you’ve removed them for further disassembly.

USA Patent Number 10,286,943
European Patent Application No. 19 170 823.9

Stainless Steel Carts

Stainless steel carts allow you to ferry around their contents safely without risk of tarnishing their finish or the contents falling out and getting damaged. Aircraft grade stainless steel carts can be an essential means of safely moving airplane parts that are either very large, extremely delicate, or even both. 

When needing a cart for larger parts, such as jet engine turbine blades, the parts can be strapped into a round cart and moved with ease without having to worry about the finish being damaged or falling out. Marlin Steel also makes round aerospace steel carts with neoprene liners (or other coatings) that prevent metal-on-metal contact—keeping parts from getting damaged during movement. Using a stainless steel cart with wheels also helps to minimize the strain put on employees as they move large aircraft parts and reduce the chance of injury. 

Here are some examples of Marlin's stainless steel carts for aerospace applications.

Patent pending #16/739,213

Custom Wire Baskets for Washing

The aircraft parts cleaning process needs to be as particular as possible. The washing process can be damaging to both large-scale and small-scale parts if they are not handled properly. Marlin Steel’s custom wire baskets are designed to withstand harsh conditions and chemicals of washing processes, such as ultrasonic cleaners or chemical baths. Stainless steel baskets for small parts are likewise built with fine wire mesh to prevent any small parts from escaping during the washing process.

Marlin Steel also provides custom-formed dividers to compartmentalize a basket to make washing multiple different parts more efficiently. If you have numerous different small parts that can go through the same washing process, using a custom wire basket with dividers can allow you to wash them all at once to save time. By custom-shaping the dividers, you can ensure that the parts they hold will fit snugly, preventing excessive rattling from the washing process and keeping them from being scratched or damaged.

Custom Aerospace Blade and Vane Baskets

Marlin Steel’s engineers have developed an extensive inventory of vane and blade baskets to suit your unique needs. These custom wire baskets are ideal for transporting jet turbine blades. These baskets can be designed with or without a lid and are all built with Grade 304 stainless steel. 

Marlin Steel has blade and vane baskets specifically for these engines:

  • CFM
    • Blade Baskets: CFM 56LPT Blade Basket 3rd - 4th stage, CFM 34-3 & 8

  • Pratt & Whitney
    • Vane Baskets: 6-0ViGV, 6-6HPCV, 6-7HPCV, 6-8HPCV, 6-9HPCV

  • Rolls Royce
    • Vane Baskets: CFM LPT4 Vane, PW2 LPT3 Vane, PW2 LPT4 Vane, CFM LPT3 Vane, PW2 LPT4 Vane, IPC VSV Stator Vane First, IPC VSV Stator Vane Second, IPC VSV Stator Vane Third, IPC VSV Stator Vane Fourth, IPC VSV Stator Vane Fifth, IPC VSV Stator Vane Sixth, IPC VSV Stator Vane Seventh, IPC VSV Stator Vane Eighth, Stator Vane Inlet Guide Vane, Stator Vane 1st Stage, Stator 2nd Stage, Stator Vane 3rd Stage, Stator Vane 4th Stage - 9th Stage, BR 715 8-1 LPTV, BR 715 8-2 LPTV, BR 715 8-3 LPTV
    • Blade Baskets: Stage 1 Rotor IP Blade, Stage 2 Rotor IP Trent 1000, PW2 LPT4 Blade, PW2 LPT3 Blade, BR 715 HPC 1st Stage, BR 715 HPC 2nd Stage, BR 715 HPC 3rd Stage, BR 715 HPC 4th - 10th Stage, BR 715 8-1 LPTB, BR 715 8-2 LPTB, BR 715 8-3 LPTB, CFM 56LPT Blade Basket at 3rd or 4th Stage 

Optional mobile carts are also available for easy transport. Check out more information about our selection here.

Why Choose Aerospace Steel?

Aircraft-grade stainless steel can handle heavy weight while facilitating better parts cleaning than alternatives, such as aerospace grade aluminum. Grade 304 stainless steel has a higher tensile strength and is highly corrosive resistant due to its protective oxide layer. In comparison with aerospace grade aluminum or other aerospace metals, stainless steel also has a higher shear modulus and melting point. Aerospace applications that must withstand high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and improve durability would benefit from being made in aircraft grade stainless steel.

The FEA Process

Before delivering any of our custom wire baskets, we at Marlin Steel test our designs against the manufacturing conditions the baskets will be used in through a battery of virtual physics simulation tests known as finite element analysis (FEA). The FEA software breaks the design into tens of thousands of separate (or finite) elements and measures the effects of different stresses on each one. By doing so, Marlin Steel can make sure that each design meets all of the client’s performance and durability requirements.

Contact us today to see how our stainless steel baskets, floats, and carts can improve the efficiency of your aerospace MRO process.

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