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Custom Wire Baskets, Mesh Baskets, Stainless Steel Products, Custom Wire Forming and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication shipped fast with innovative engineering is Marlin Steel Wire's focus. Marlin Steel, established in 1968, delivers fastest in the industry. 30% of Marlin Wire's team are mechanical engineers or designers so that products flow through the plant to meet your deadlines. Marlin Steel makes everything in the USA and is the world's fastest fabricator.

Marlin Steel Products include:

At Marlin Steel, we manufacture custom jobs to your specifications fast. We also have an extensive inventory of "In Stock" wire products. Furthermore, our full-time Engineering team is available to help you design your custom wire and precision sheet metal fabrications. Using cutting-edge AutoCAD 2011 technology, we show your finished design with a precise print - front view, side view, top view and isometric view. We will also show a print with your product loaded in our basket or wire form or sheet metal fabrication.

Discover the precision quality that places Marlin's Custom wire baskets, mesh baskets and stainless steel products above all other suppliers. Our engineers take the time to improve your operations with stainless steel products that are an exact fit for your jobs. Commercial grade wire baskets & wire products are custom designed and manufactured to your specifications. You select the Surface Finish for Your Custom Wire Project.

We deliver top-quality products fast, with your choice of finish, such as Chrome, Nickel, Plastic, Epoxy, Zinc, Brass, Teflon, Nylon, Halar, etc. Our rust-resistant Stainless Steel units can be electropolished and passivated for a nice shiny finish or with a natural finish. Marlin industrial grade wire baskets and wire mesh baskets are perfect for dipping, ultrasonic cleaning, sorting, degreasing, and storing parts. We manufacture carbon steel or 304 stainless steel wire baskets; these baskets have welded frames and heavy wire mesh linings to survive rough industrial handling. Our engineers analyze the demands of your production environment and design our stainless steel products so they are easy to use. Marlin Steel is recognized globally as the preferred manufacturer of custom stainless steel products in carbon steel, stainless steels, and exotic alloys, with plated, electropolished and powder coated finishes. We make your life easier through innovative manufacturing, creative product development, and excellent customer service. Companies of all sizes come to Marlin's engineering design team for part development and holding solutions. Contact us today to plan your project. We can design your custom wire products for difficult and demanding applications.

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