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A vital service component for many of our clients requires adherence to ASME standards. When requested, we will manufacture your steel fabrications to be compliant with the ASME BTH 1 2008 standard. The provisions in this Standard apply to the design or modification of below-the-hook lifting devices. All of the details from torsional constants to impact multipliers are part of the ANSI/ASME BTH-1-2008 standards for the design of below-the-hook lifting devices. The Marlin Steel Engineers deliver the highest quality steel fabricated parts and steel components available. Compliance with the ASME BTH 1 2008 standard ensures that exact design requirements are met in the manufacture of our steel fabrications and enhances our ability to meet the needs of international customers.

ASME is the leading international developer of codes & standards for mechanical engineering; Marlin Steel stands ready to deliver fabricated steel parts compliant with the ASME standards when requested by our customers. ASME standards are critical for our customers needing fast delivery on precision steel components for complex machinery or work flows.

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Marlin Steel is the only USA wire fabricator deploying AutoDesk Inventor Stress Analysis Software