Metal Fabrication Lance Form

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Metal Stamping

Marlin Steel manufactures Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication products. Our accuracy is dependable; Major Industrial Clients come to Marlin Steel for jobs requiring precision welding of sheet metal components to other sheet metal components or wire components.

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Marlin Steel is a globally-recognized Metal Fabricator:

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication - Tapping holes - Roll forming style
  • Metal Stamping - Countersinking
  • Metal Stamping - Cluster Shapes
  • Metal Forming - Hinges
  • Metal Fabrication - Lance and Form
  • Fabricated Metal - Strong, Accurate, Consistent Joints
  • Sheet Metal Forming - Sheet Metal Joining
  • Metal Stamping - Emboss and Bead
  • Metal Fabrication - Counterbore
  • Metal Stamping - Emboss and Formed
  • Metal Stamping - Cluster Round
  • Metal Fabrication - Louvres

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