Metal Fabrication Louver

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Metal Stamping

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication / Metal Stamping - Fast Delivery of Sheet Metal Work.
The Marlin Steel manufacturing plant runs the best robotic equipment available, producing accurate, precision quality with fast delivery. Every aspect of your project is planned by our certified mechanical and design engineers. Marlin Steel is an Engineering Powerhouse recognized by major news agencies and publications around the globe.
  • 25% of our employees are designers or Mechanical Engineers, so you will talk to professionals
  • Precision Sheet Metal Plant Manager with 11 years of experience to run Sheet Metal Division
  • We use Top-of-the-Line AutoCAD 2011 Software - send us your dxf or dwg files and we can get to work seamlessly
  • Creative innovative designs to save you money and time

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Ships In 1 - 2 Weeks

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Our robot features:
  • High Quality -.Tight Tolerances ± 0.004" (0.1mm)
  • CNC Punch performs secondary operations so accuracy up & speed up
    • Bend flanges 1" (25mm) high on the CNC punch table (not as a secondary operation on a press brake)
    • Tapping Roll style CNC - (not as a secondary PEM insert operation that is slow and imprecise)
  • CNC Punch - 20 tons of pressure

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