Wire Basket with Lid 689042

This wire basket is ideal for the washing drying processes for bottles and caps

Marlin Steel's Wire Basket with Lid #689042 is great for manufacturers to use during their drying and washing processes. Major laboratory companies use these baskets to clean and sterilize products, like test tubes, that have to be cleaned after every use. These baskets are durable enough to easily go through cleaning systems that use acids, soaps and detergents to clean products.

This basket features steel wire dividers with a lid to ensure the parts stay secure. The material the basket is made from is very important and is dependent on the application the basket will be used for. This particular basket is made with 316 stainless steel because it will be exposed to temperatures up to 180C for 2-4 hours at a time. 

Marlin Steel can create the perfect custom basket to suit your needs. Using the right basket can improve workflows and your bottom line- see Quality Engineered Quick® today.  

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