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Case Studies - Medical
Biotechnology Logos: Abbott, Amgen, Baxter, Bayer, Glaxo Smith Kline, Medtronic, Millipore, National Institutes of Health, Novartis, Pfizer, Stryker, Thermo Fisher, Zimmer
A worldwide maker of orthopedic devices and other surgical products, needed a specialized basket to cleanse small parts. Cost and delivery turnaround of the custom baskets were key factors. The design function of the basket was perhaps even more crucial.

The customer told basket maker Marlin Steel Wire Products of Baltimore that it required a basket that could hold 20 pounds of small palm-shaped parts. It proposed angled insert dividers that would enable water to drain off the parts after washing. It also wanted a handled lid with no hinge so the lid could fit inside the basket and rest on top of the parts to hold them in place. The baskets also had to be made of stainless steel and coated with nylon to withstand 30-minute washings in soap and water at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The customer received eight of the baskets, built to order, before its holiday recess and was very pleased with the result. "Received the baskets before shutdown, just got the dividers this morning. Everything looks great!" it wrote Marlin. "Thanks for all of your help. Happy New Year!"

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custom stainless steel wire baskets
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Case Studies - Aerospace
Aero Space Logos: Bell Helicopter, Marathon, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, United
  AAI Corp. needed specialized wire cages to protect microphones that are mounted on military vehicles. The microphones are vital because they assist troops in locating the enemy by the sound of their gunfire. The welded covers had to be unfailingly dependable and able to stand up to extremely harsh conditions. Marlin Steel Wire Products was able to replicate AAI's design with speed and quality. As a result of its work on the microphone cages, Marlin was designated a preferred supplier by AAI.

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custom stainless steel wire forming
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  GKN Aerospace, one of the world's leading suppliers to the aviation industry, needed a quick solution for how to transport turbine blades. It turned to Marlin Steel Wire Products of Baltimore.

Marlin engineered baskets from stainless steel with separate compartments to contain 25 blades and a set of documents. GKN required the carriers to handle two different types and sizes of blade parts.

But the baskets had to do more than carry up to 20 pounds worth of turbine blades. They had to secure the blades when they were being washed as well. And they needed to be able to stand up to an Ardrox 185 soap solution and water for 20 minutes.

Fair enough. But the company instructed Marlin's designers that the baskets also would be exposed to ferric chloride, hydrochloric acid and ammonia.

For 20 minutes at a time.

And at 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Marlin turned to halar coating, which holds up well to those particular chemicals. The baskets were also designed with sizable cutouts to aid air-drying of the blades. Functionality and appearance were very important, GKN told Marlin, but holding down the cost of each basket was job one.

Marlin delivered, and quickly. GKN was pleased with the result: "Baskets are working well," the company reported back.

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custom stainless steel wire baskets
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Case Studies - Industrial
LongHorn uses Marlin Steel Wire Products


The basket request from Alcoa was hardly typical. The manufacturer of components for aviation and other technology industries needed a circular wire mesh basket, four feet in diameter. The basket needed handles so it could be lowered to fit inside a large tank, with the ability for the baskets to be stacked. The basket needed triangular hook attachments and no sharp edges. It would be exposed to extreme heat for short periods of time.

And oh yes, it had to be able to hoist up to 600 pounds of metal alloy parts.

It was an experimental design, but Marlin Steel Wire Products pulled it off with economy and speed as the customer's stated priorities.

Industrial / Parts washing baskets
Cummins has a large "reman" operation in Tennessee to remanufacture parts for resale to its network of dealers. It needed high quality steel wire material handling containers able to withstand caustic chemical solutions to carry out the facility's mission to clean and refurbish aftermarket parts. Marlin Steel supplied steel mesh baskets with reinforced frames designed to Cummins engineering specifications. Cummins returned to Marlin Steel containers for their consistent quality.

Industrial / Laser-cut sheet metal trays for coating
A company that specializes in systems for dip molding and dip coating needed a container to hold a precision component during a multi-step chemical coating process. It turned to Marlin Steel engineers, who designed a series of trays laser-cut and fabricated from 316 stainless steel. Custom-designed posts enabled the trays to stack securely and also fulfilled the need to have different sizes of component trays that could fit inside a larger carrier bin. The client reported that the trays are helping produce the component better and faster than before.

Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning
A large European engineering company in materials technology and mining purchased an ultrasonic washing machine at one of its facilities. It sought out Marlin Steel to design and build a carrier and "pin baskets" of steel wire and 304 grade stainless steel to hold fixtures to pass through a wash process. The carrier also had to be compatible with an automated gentry loader that supplied the baskets to the washer. Marlin engineers used self-clinching pilot pins to limit welding heat in making the baskets in order to achieve extremely tight tolerances. The design successfully allowed for parts to be removed quickly and efficiently by workers and robots.

Industrial Parts Washing
Marlin Steel designed a "pin rack" for SSP to wash oils and contaminants off newly fabricated fittings and valves. The racks were customized to accommodate the smaller wash stations that SSP placed at manufacturing cells. Instead of a larger central wash station, the smaller modules reduced movement, improved efficiency and sped the flow of thousands of parts. "Marlin's response time and customer service was much better than other suppliers. As a matter of fact, you already had the baskets made in the time I was still awaiting an initial quote from someone else," an SSP engineer wrote. "You guys seem to put the most engineering in the process as opposed to someone with just bending and forming capability."

Industrial Wireforming
A major supplier of parts and materials to equipment manufacturers, assemblers and distributors commissioned Marlin Steel to produce intricate steel wire retainers. The wire forms were for a global provider of building management systems. We consistently maintain the tight tolerances in complex forms such as double loops due to our state-of-the-art equipment and our experience. We precision manufacture custom wire forms from titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, 330 stainless or low carbon mild steel.

Automotive / Material Handling
A global auto manufacturer had ordered Marlin Steel baskets several years ago to carry transmission covers during production. When it altered the cover design, it required new carriers – and quickly. It contacted Marlin Steel on a Tuesday night. Marlin engineers prepared drawings for a new basket design by Wednesday, and devised a solution that was more durable and less expensive. They sent the design print to the client Thursday and approval and a purchase order arrived Friday. The baskets were quickly produced and shipped just eight days after the initial contact. Case Study – Industrial / Ultrasonic Cleaning A major manufacturer of fabricating equipment needed baskets for ultrasonic cleaning. It needed a basket with the durability of steel but without metal-to-metal contact with sensitive parts that could scratch. Marlin Steel's solution was to wrap certain parts of the steel basket in PVC to protect delicate parts. Marlin engineers also designed inserts that allowed the part to rotate during cleaning for total saturation.

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custom stainless steel wire baskets
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Case Studies - Automotive

A producer of cylinders had an issue: As it experienced increased demand, it needed a more effective racking system to wash the cylinders. Photos of its existing system showed that the cylinders sometimes leaned to one side as they rode a conveyer through the wash system. That made it tougher for the cleaning jets to reach inside to clean them thoroughly.

The customer sought out Marlin Steel Wire Products to design a new racking system that would work more efficiently thru the wash cycle. The design challenge was heightened by the fact that the basket dimensions were restricted by the opening of the washer. The baskets also had to be designed to withstand a bath of acid and caustic cleaners used to sanitize the cylinders, as well as a heated drying process.

Marlin created a lid and tray system that could quickly accommodate cylinders of different sizes. Marlin designers devised a quick-release latch system that held the bottles in place more securely and maximized the number that could be washed per cycle. The latch system also ensured that the cylinders remained completely vertical so the cleaning jets could reach more thoroughly inside the cylinders. They needed 200 to 300 and Marlin delivered in full on functionality, speed, cost and appearance.

Automotive / Ultrasonic Cleaning
ATC Drivetrain, a leading independent drivetrain remanufacturer, needed a container for ultrasonic cleaning of valves for automatic transmissions. The containers help ensure an efficient, effective wash process. ATC reported it was pleased with the innovation, quality and speed from Marlin Steel. "Your salesmen brought up some good points in designing the boxes," an ATC engineer reported. "You guys are on the ball and the quality was top notch."

Automotive / Kadon-style parts washing baskets
BorgWarner, a global leader in powertrain solutions, produces vehicle transmission modules in Mississippi. Its facility needed stainless steel baskets to hold module components as they passed through an industrial washer before assembly. BorgWarner ordered stackable Kadon-style parts washing baskets from Marlin with handles, a woven steel mesh exterior and custom lids. The precise fit and firm seal of the cover was particularly important for the wash operation. Borg Warner said it had tried another supplier with lesser results. "Over time, they couldn't hold up to the kind of quality that Marlin could output," said a BorgWarner manufacturing engineer. "Marlin Steel is the standard for what we use."

Automotive / Sheet metal fabrication
Blue1USA of Georgia manufactures and distributes diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing systems -- a "green" technology used to clean engines on trucks. Blue1USA turned to Marlin Steel to design and fabricate steel housings to protect its dedicated, sealed DEF dispensers. The boxes also had to be durable enough to stand up to many uses a day at fleet fueling stations and commercial truck stops. The steel containers were among the first custom-built at Marlin to employ rivets instead of welds to hold the components together. The parts needed to be manufactured to extremely small tolerances so the steel frame pieces would mate and the rivet holes would match. Blue1USA had to get the DEF systems in place quickly. Within a few weeks, Marlin began shipping the first of its 75 units for the client's system.

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Case Studies - Food
Serving the Food Industry with Superior Quality, Custom Engineered Stainless Steel Wire Forms and Stainless Steel Wire Products, FAST Delivery! Current clients include: Bacardi, Budweiser, ConAgra Foods, Darden Restaurants, Edy's, Fleming's, FritoLay, General Mills, Gordon Food Service, Kodiak Cakes, Longhorn, Palm Restaurant, Russell Stover, Waffle House
  Revolution Foods makes food packages for schools that are kept in warming carts during preparation. Marlin was contacted on 8.7.2009 to do an emergency run of 1000 baskets to be delivered on 8.28 in time for the new school year. The baskets needed to be plated and shipped from coast (Baltimore) to coast(LA) in this time frame. Marlin successfully took this large project from design to delivery and made quality baskets on time without missing a beat with our other customers.

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Case Studies - Pharmaceutical | Biotech
Parts Washing Baskets
Zoetis, a subsidiary of Pfizer and the largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, uses a two-piece pump to transfer the medicine into vials. The pumps were being transported around the manufacturing facility in various containers, from tackle boxes to tote bins. Managers found that some pumps were malfunctioning and concluded that the sensitive tips of the pump pistons were susceptible to fracture during all that loose movement. They initially considered fabricating a container in-house, but found Marlin Steel online. Marlin designed steel wire mesh baskets with handles and latchable lids to secure the pumps through the assembly process. A "Reliability Specialist" for the customer called the baskets "top notch, the best, exceeded expectations."

Biotech / Kitting
A bio-agricultural company wanted to build dozens of devices to monitor plant growth. It initially sought out Marlin Steel to build part of the monitor from sheet metal. Marlin offered to source all the other parts for the device that it doesn't manufacture such as nylon tubing, tie rods and hardware. Marlin packaged the components in kits that it shipped to the company so it could assemble the research devices on site. This "kitting" held down costs, sped fulfillment and simplified the process for the bio-ag customer.

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Case Studies - Other — Case Studies - Telcom
  The renowned firearms manufacturer Beretta needed a custom basket to transport newly constructed pistol slides during its gun assembly process. The basket that Beretta required wasn't a particularly complicated design, but the dimensions and wire gauge needs were fairly exacting to accommodate the delicate slides.

The baskets had to be stackable, up to four of them at a time, with handles on the sides that wouldn't interfere with stacking. The slides had to be protected from excessive shock or vibration as they moved along the assembly line.

Marlin Steel Wire Products of Baltimore put its designers to the test. The wire size needed was much smaller than Marlin's standard wire gauge requests. The designers also had only about a millimeter or two of tolerance to work with within the baskets or the slides wouldn't have fit securely onto the holders.

The baskets had to be resilient enough to withstand a lot of handling and movement on carts and dollies, while cushioning about 14 pounds worth of pistol slides inside. Marlin's designers relied on simple, but effective u-shaped pins to hold two dozen of the 9.3-oz. slides snugly in place.

Marlin quickly devised a solution that was simple, cost-effective and durable in being able to transport the slides security and to help keep Beretta operating smoothly.

custom stainless steel wire baskets
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