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New Laser Cutter Introduced by Marlin Steel

Published on January 27, 2012 at 8:07 AM
By Andy Choi

Marlin Steel is a producer of sheet metal products and custom wire baskets.

Marlin Steel Laser fabrication - fast delivery and precision
The company is located in Baltimore, MD. Its innovative laser cutter, which has been exclusively designed and developed for sheet metal fabrications have recently been launched.

The CEO of Marlin, Drew Greenblatt, at the launch emphasized the quality of this novel laser as a value addition to the array of robots that the company has designed for the past six years. Marlin serves to be a precision metal fabrication supplier that caters to the requirements of its dynamic customers from Boeing to Zimmer Holdings. The new laser when used along with the 138 t press brake and 20 t sheet metal punch press will enables excellent metal fabrication capabilities.

Guests at the inaugural event at Marlin included Baltimore City Mayor Rawlings-Blake, US Congressman Ruppersberger, US Senator Ben Cardin, and US Congressman Sarbanes. According to U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, business firms like Marlin have a major impact on the economy of the country.

Chief engineer Tony Witt said that the laser will help perform highly complicated cutting jobs with minimum setup time as they will design the components on their systems, send the designs to the robots electronically and watch their miraculous performance.

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Since 1968, Marlin has been serving the nation’s customers, in addition to being a global supplier. The company progresses with eminent executives working in it. The company’s reputation is further enhanced with Drew Greenblatt, serving as the president of the Wire Fabricators Association and the trade association for the industry.

Marlin Steel brings Quality Engineering Quick® to every product manufactured. You can rely on our world-class engineering team to bring innovation to your next project order. We can also run stress analysis to ensure all of your products will perform as required. Contact our Design Engineers today to streamline your next project. Marlin Steel manufactures Custom Steel Fabrications - Custom Metal Fabrications in any size or shape.

Marlin Steel is Leading the way on Next Generation Manufacturing.

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