Baskets of Interest for Mechanical Engineers

July 31, 2014 | Custom Wire Baskets, Wire Forms

Every wire form job is different. During the initial design phase, Marlin Steel’s engineers ask the client to rate key characteristics of the final product in importance. These characteristics include:

  • Baskets-of-Interest-for-Mechanical-EngineersFunctionality
  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Delivery

Different clients will have different priorities. For example a client who uses their baskets for a display might prioritize appearance above function or cost, while a client who has a tight deadline might make delivery time the most important aspect of their particular order.

“How do these priorities impact the final design,” you ask? By gathering information on what their clients want the most from their basket designs, Marlin Steel engineers are better equipped to meet the needs of said clients.

To highlight this, here are two examples of recent basket designs that were optimized to meet the priorities of the mechanical engineers ordering them.

#1: Zero Frame Weld Baskets

In this instance, a client wanted mass-produced baskets that would be sturdy, delivered quickly, and, most of all, inexpensive.

After choosing a grade of steel that would meet the minimum performance requirements of the client for heat and chemical exposure, Marlin Steel’s engineers set to the task of finding a way to make the final assembly of the basket as cost effective for the client as possible while speeding up production time.

Ultimately, it was decided to weld the wire together in a “flat” position. Once welded, the wire form is put through a CNC press brake to bend the outer edges up to create the walls of the basket. This eliminated the need to weld a frame around the top, reducing production time and costs.

In this way, Marlin’s engineers were able to meet their client’s demands for cost-effective wire baskets to hold larger pieces of loose material quickly and easily. The precision of the CNC press brake ensured that each and every one of these wire baskets came out with consistent angles in the bend and a uniform shape.

In short, welding the frame while it’s flat, then bending it into a basket shape using a CNC press saves both time and money.

#2: Baskets Capable of Both Stacking and Nesting

For this design, the client want a basket design that had specific functionalities. In this case, they wanted the baskets to take up minimal space when not in use, but to be able to stack without putting pressure on the contents when in use.

Naturally, these baskets had to have a frame welded on to ensure maximum integrity when stacking with a full load. This way, the baskets won’t deform when the weight of one is placed on top the other. Every aspect of this basket’s design had to be considered in light of how it would affect the ability of the basket to stack when in use, and nest when not in use to save space.

In order to allow the baskets to switch between nesting and stacking modes, Marlin Steel’s engineers made the decision to make the handles of the baskets a part of the stacking mechanism. The handles, which feature a precision-bent hook design, can be flipped into or out of the basket. When inside the basket, the grips of the handle act as a mount for the next basket on top to rest on. When flipped outside of the basket, the handles are out of the way, leaving the top basket free to rest almost wholly inside the bottom basket (minus space for the handles), minimizing the space each takes up when not in use.

For this customer, functionality was the most important part of the basket’s design. Their baskets needed to be sturdy, able to take a load and still stack neatly.

Building the Perfect Basket

Whenever Marlin Steel’s engineers create a new basket design, they always strive to make sure that each basket will meet, if not surpass, the goals and needs of the client. From creating the base design, to choosing the materials needed to make that design a functional and effective reality, Marlin’s engineers have the training and the practical experience to help you make the perfect parts washing and material handling baskets.

Learn more about how Marlin Steel creates top-notch wire baskets with a combination of automation and technical know-how today!