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10 Reasons that Steel is Better for Materials Handling than Plastic

Marlin Steel and the steel industry in general is unique in that it works with raw materials to provide products to a wide variety of industries which seem quite disparate. It’s what happens when the high quality American made product is remarkably

10 Questions About Wire Forming to Help You Get the Best Products

If you are looking to use a wire form product for your materials handling and washing basket needs, it’s only natural to have questions about the

How Marlin Steel Creates Precision Steel Wire Forms

Over the years, Marlin Steel has created several tons’ worth of custom wire forms. Countless pounds of steel wire have been run through the Marlin Steel production line as hard-working

How Custom Wire Shelving Solves Food Manufacturing Part Replacements

Food manufacturing is a fast-paced industry that relies on durable appliance parts that can withstand daily usage and a variety of temperatures. The right manufacturing parts are difficult to find, depending on what they are needed

How the Right Wire Forming Products Increase Safety in Your Facility

The right wire forming products make a difference in all areas of safety and productivity. High-quality materials result in less risk of employee injury, greater efficiency, and decreased costs from damaged equipment and parts.

Your Guide to Stainless Steel Passivation

Marlin’s clients often want to know more about the various finishes that the manufacturing team uses for custom steel wire baskets. One of the most frequently-used finishes that Marlin Steel applies to its custom baskets is a passivated finish.

Benefits of Resistance Welding Stainless Steel

There are several kinds of welding techniques and processes that Marlin applies to its custom wire forms—the most common being arc welding

Laser Cutting Vs Metal Stamping: Which is Better?

There are many metal forming tools that the team at Marlin Steel uses to create custom sheet metal forms. Two of the most frequently-used types