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The creation of custom wire baskets is Marlin Steel’s bread and butter. For decades, Marlin Steel has crafted custom wire baskets for a variety of industries, and now exports steel wire baskets to companies in more than 30 countries.

From heavy-duty parts washing baskets for major aerospace engine parts, to small-scale sterilization baskets for delicate containers in the pharmaceutical industry, Marlin Steel has extensive experience in customizing basket designs to accommodate a plethora of different needs.

How to Create Custom Parts Washing Baskets for the Automotive Industry

Marlin Steel on August 13, 2019
Custom parts washing baskets for automotive applications can help vehicle manufacturers improve their ...

Aerospace Grade Stainless Steel Baskets for Washing Small Parts

Marlin Steel on July 16, 2019
Many of the most critical parts in an aerospace industry product are incredibly small. These tiny ...

3 Ways Aerospace Companies Can Benefit from Custom Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel on July 9, 2019
The aerospace parts manufacturing industry can be incredibly demanding. When parts have to operate perfectly in ...

Why You Should Consider a Custom Wire Basket over a Generic Design

Marlin Steel on June 25, 2019
In a recent stainless steel wire basket order, the client asked for a generic, shoebox-style design with a single large opening to throw parts into. While simple to design and build, Marlin’s engineering team decided to ...

Is Nickel 600 Best for High-Temperature Baskets?

Marlin Steel on June 6, 2019
For heat treating applications, baskets have to be resilient against extreme temperatures—sometimes in excess of 1,200˚ F (649˚ C) or even 1,800˚ F (982˚ C). At these extreme temperatures, plastic baskets aren’t an ...

What are the Best Medical Baskets for My Pharmaceutical Company?

Marlin Steel on May 21, 2019
Finding the right custom wire medical basket for sanitary applications is difficult. Companies that manufacture pharmaceutical and medical products have to meet stringent standards for sanitation and cleanliness. This ...

How to Choose the Right Type of Stainless Steel for Your Wire Basket

Marlin Steel on May 14, 2019
There are many types of stainless steel available on the market today—hundreds of different formulations, in fact. ...

Increasing Parts Washing Basket Versatility with Adjustable Dividers

Marlin Steel on April 16, 2019
Many manufacturers have a wide variety of parts that they need to process. However, ordering a different custom wire basket for each part type can be expensive and require lots of extra storage space for baskets that ...

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