Custom Wire Baskets

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The creation of custom wire baskets is Marlin Steel’s bread and butter. For decades, Marlin Steel has crafted custom wire baskets for a variety of industries, and now exports steel wire baskets to companies in more than 30 countries.

From heavy-duty parts washing baskets for major aerospace engine parts, to small-scale sterilization baskets for delicate containers in the pharmaceutical industry, Marlin Steel has extensive experience in customizing basket designs to accommodate a plethora of different needs.

Answers to 3 Stainless Steel Coated Wire Basket Questions

Marlin Steel on September 21, 2017
Marlin Steel specializes in creating custom stainless steel wire baskets for clients in a variety of industries. Many of Marlin’s clients rely on the Marlin team’s expertise in handling the design needs of a stainless ...

Creating an 8-Chamber Custom Wire Mesh Basket for Sulfuric Processes

Marlin Steel on September 13, 2017
Marlin Steel often makes custom wire mesh baskets for ultrasonic parts cleaning or other washing processes. However, these aren’t the only uses for mesh ...

Stainless Steel Q&A: Answers to 3 Coated Wire Basket Questions

Marlin Steel on August 24, 2017
Normally, when using a stainless steel alloy for a custom wire basket design, the basket will be uncoated. After all, the point of using stainless steel is to take advantage of its resistance to oxidation/corrosion. ...

Making Stainless Steel Custom Wire Racks for Science!

Marlin Steel on August 10, 2017
A lot of the time, Marlin Steel is tasked with creating custom wire baskets to fit a variety of different manufacturing processes. However, one recent request from a company that specializes manufacturing life science ...

4 Kinds of Wire Basket Stress Tests Marlin Steel Does with Autodesk

Marlin Steel on August 3, 2017
Physics simulation software programs, such as Autodesk, can be ...

What is FEA Analysis, and Why Does Marlin Steel Use it?

Marlin Steel on August 1, 2017
For years, Marlin Steel has used Autodesk physics simulation software to test custom basket ...

How to Use Powder Coated Wire Mesh for Your Custom Steel Wire Baskets

Marlin Steel on July 27, 2017
In many manufacturing applications, it is necessary to apply a ...

When Should Grade 1008 Low-Carbon Steel Be Used for Wire Baskets?

Marlin Steel on July 25, 2017
In many of the manufacturing applications that Marlin designs custom baskets for, stainless steel is the best material for the job. However, there ...