Marlin Steel Hosting a Workshop for The 28th Annual Shingo Conference!

April 15, 2016 | Lean Manufacturing, American Manufacturing

the Shingo Institute's annual conference is a prestigious event for manufacturers.Later this month, the 28th Annual Shingo Conference will be held in Washington DC. Leaders and experts in manufacturing from all across the world will be there to share their insights and to see real-world examples of the Shingo Model™ in action.

The first two days of the event Monday, April 25 and Tuesday, April 26 will be marked by workshops featuring the themes of:

  • ENABLE Gemba
  • IMPROVE Gemba
  • ALIGN Gemba

Marlin Steel was invited to host the ALIGN Gemba pre-conference workshop on the second day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at our Baltimore factory.

What Will the Event Feature?

Marlin’s ALIGN workshop will feature a review and discussion session to be followed by a “go and see” session where attendees will be able to visit different locations of the Marlin facility to see the Marlin team in action.

During the go and see session, attendees will be able to ask Marlin’s shop floor technicians and management questions about how Marlin Steel creates constancy of purpose and thinks systematically to drive results.

Attendees for this event include numerous representatives from American companies, as well as representatives of companies based in India, Italy, and Mexico.

After the tour at Marlin concludes, the main conference will begin at 7:00 am on the next day.

Why This Matters

For years, Marlin Steel has sought to continuously improve its operations using techniques inspired by Shigeo Shingo, the man for whom the Shingo Institute is named. Being asked to host a workshop for this event is an enormous honor.

The Shingo Model of creating culture, systems, tools, and guiding principles that produce results and continuous improvement has had an enormous impact on Marlin’s business model. This model can make an enormous difference for American manufacturers, so this international conference is an important event for any manufacturer to attend.

Marlin Steel welcomes its guests for the 28th Annual International Shingo Conference, and our team hopes to see you at the main conference in Washington DC on Wednesday, April 27!

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