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Manufacturing is the backbone of the American economy. Businesses in the American manufacturing industry create jobs that support and grow the middle class while driving innovation. Manufacturing accounts for a significant portion of the GDP of the U.S.A.

American manufacturing is the engine that drives the United States towards success and competitiveness on a global scale. So, Marlin Steel works hard alongside organizations such as the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to raise awareness about issues that affect manufacturers in America.

Safety Tips for Bending Metal Forms

Marlin Steel on October 8, 2019
The American manufacturing industry represents a solid opportunity for American citizens to find jobs that can support a middle-class family. According to ...

How to Reduce Manufacturing Scrap and Save Money

Marlin Steel on October 3, 2019
Manufacturing scrap is often considered an inevitability, something that just happens as a natural consequence of the manufacturing process. While some manufacturing waste from scrap production is inevitable, scrap ...

How to Choose the Best Stainless Steel for Your Needs

Marlin Steel on September 17, 2019
Choosing the right type of stainless steel for your manufacturing application can be tough. There are numerous stainless steel ...

What Robotics and Automation Mean for U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

Marlin Steel on August 8, 2019
American manufacturing needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the future. Manufacturing automation and robotics help to give US manufacturing companies the competitive edge they need to keep up with foreign ...

Why You Should Use Stainless Steel for Aerospace Applications

Marlin Steel on July 25, 2019
When creating parts for aerospace applications, there are many considerations to make. For example, the shape, weight, and durability of a part can all affect the aircraft’s flight worthiness. If a plane is too heavy, ...

ABC News Interviews Marlin CEO about U.S.-China Trade War

Marlin Steel on July 3, 2019
In a recent tweet, U.S. President Donald Trump revealed that he had a, “Very good telephone conversation with President Xi of China” and that he would be having an extended meeting with him at the ...

Marlin’s Automation and Innovation Featured in Wall Street Journal

Marlin Steel on June 27, 2019
Marlin Steel has grown significantly from the time it was first acquired by its current CEO, Drew Greenblatt. One factor contributing to this growth has been the way that Marlin Steel’s leadership has invested in ...

What are the Best Medical Baskets for My Pharmaceutical Company?

Marlin Steel on May 21, 2019
Finding the right custom wire medical basket for sanitary applications is difficult. Companies that manufacture pharmaceutical and medical products have to meet stringent standards for sanitation and cleanliness. This ...

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