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Marlin Steel is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation to become a leaner, more efficient manufacturer of custom wire and sheet metal forms. Using the teachings of efficiency gurus such as Eli Goldratt and Shigeo Shingo, Marlin has achieved numerous improvements over the years.

With a variety of manufacturing automation technologies, rigorous training, and employee empowerment, Marlin consistently works to keep increasing production efficiencies and meet client goals in a safe, efficient manner.

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Marlin Steel on March 19, 2020
Not every firm or agency has the resources, funds, or time to produce everything in-house, regardless of how idyllic it sounds—especially in the manufacturing industry. Investing in equipment, machinery, and expertise ...

The Best Food-Safe Metals for Food Manufacturing Applications

Marlin Steel on November 19, 2019
The FDA’s Food Rule states that “materials that are used in the construction of UTENSILS and FOOD-CONTACT SURFACES of EQUIPMENT may ...

What Working with a Precision Engineering Company Should Be Like!

Marlin Steel on October 17, 2017
When you’re working with any engineering company to get critical metal forms, precision wire components, or other custom-engineered parts, they should provide: ...

Why a Custom Rolling Cart is Ideal for Sanitation in Pharmaceuticals

Marlin Steel on August 8, 2017
Sanitation is an enormous concern in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Trace contaminants ...

How to Minimize Material Waste in Milling Operations

Marlin Steel on July 6, 2017
Minimizing material waste in any manufacturing process is key to ensuring efficiency and profitability. Milling, in particular, can ...

Manufacturing Industry Highlights from the POTUS XM Radio Show

Marlin Steel on January 24, 2017
On Friday, January 20, the new Trump administration was officially sworn in to office. News outlets across the country covered the event and hosted discussions about the impact of the new administration on businesses ...

6 Effective Ways to Improve Manufacturing Throughput

Marlin Steel on September 28, 2016
For manufacturers, throughput in production can mean the difference between meeting quotas and losing customers to the competition. Falling behind on manufacturing throughput means delayed deliveries, which can cause ...

4 Uses for Stainless Steel Carts on Your Shop Floor

Marlin Steel on August 26, 2016
Metal carts have a surprising number of uses. While most of these carts are designed for the express purpose of holding a large number of baskets or trays, there are other, more ...

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