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Marlin Steel on April 5, 2016

Drew Greenblatt of Marlin Steel is proof that manufacturers are still experiencing success in AmericaSome pundits claim that American manufacturing is dying. It isn't. In fact, US manufacturing is still going strong, with a presence in rural, suburban, and urban areas throughout the country. Manufacturing companies throughout America are providing strong, middle-class building jobs that provide meaningful pay and benefits to workers.

How much of an impact does the manufacturing industry have on the U.S. economy, and what do we need to do to make the industry even stronger? Check out Drew Greenblatt’s column on for the full list of “Ten Numbers You Need to Know About USA Manufacturing!”

Key takeaways in the article include:

  • The manufacturing industry’s influence on the growth of the U.S. economy.
  • Manufacturing job numbers, pay, and benefits.
  • The effect of exports on manufacturing growth and success.

Be sure to check out the full article on today!

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Author: Marlin Steel
Marlin Steel
Marlin Steel is a leading manufacturer of custom‐engineered products from steel wire and sheet metal. Its industrial material handling containers serve many industries including aerospace, defense, medical and automotive.

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