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Pros & Cons of Robotic Welding: Should You Automate Welding Processes?

Robotic welding is a great advancement that manufacturers can use to meet the demands of the welding process. Many American manufacturing companies make use of robotic welding systems to produce more efficient work in a timely manner to ensure they

Robotic TIG vs MIG Welding: Choosing the Right Robotic Welding Process

Robotic technologies are being used more and more in manufacturing plants small and large, and even in project-based workshops. Robotic welding is a costly investment, but it also starts to improve the bottom line of your business performance

5 Automation Trends Impacting Robotic Welding Systems and Processes

American manufacturing companies adopted the use of automation systems like robotic welding to help them stay competitive in the market, keep up with demand, and work more efficiently. The best part about automation and

Why You Shouldn’t Weld Carbon and Stainless Steel Wire Together

A while ago, Marlin Steel’s engineering team was asked by a client whether a stainless steel nut could be welded to a carbon steel wire

Benefits of Resistance Welding Stainless Steel

There are several kinds of welding techniques and processes that Marlin applies to its custom wire forms—the most common being arc welding

How to MIG Weld Stainless Steel

Welding is a critical process for manufacturing any complex custom metal form. Marlin Steel’s manufacturing team frequently performs welds with varying types of stainless steel to complete complex custom wire forms for customers.

3 Tips for Welding Inconel

Inconel is the brand name for a family of metal alloys with a high nickel-chromium content that are renowned for their extreme heat tolerance. Inconel alloys retain a high degree of their tensile strength, even at temperatures that melt or burn many

Join the WFA 2018 Fall Meeting and See the USA’s Biggest Jig Welder

They may say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” but Marlin’s IDEAL medium frequency direct current (MFDC) welding machine might get that phrase changed to “everything’s bigger in Maryland.”