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Wire forming services:
Assemblies - Bending - CNC Machining - Coining - Forming - Grinding - Kitting - Threading - Turning - Welding

Marlin Steel manufactures precision custom wire forms for the F-15
Marlin Manufactures Custom Wire Forms for the F-15 & Blackhawk
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Robotic chamfering at Marlin Steel adds speed, precision, dependability and consistency to deburring of wire forms.
Marlin Steel serves Companies around the world with Fast Delivery.
We are the source for Engineers' and Industrial Buyers' seeking Custom Wire Forms.

Upon Request: ASME BTH 1 2008 - ASME Standard Compliance
Request Stress Analysis for wire forms needed in demanding work flows.

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Custom Wire Sub Assemblies 01074001
Custom Wire Assemblies 977001
Custom Wire Assemblies 90001
Wire Assembly 910002
Wire Forming Hold Downs 90001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - 861001
Wire Assembly 861001
Wire Forming Steel Latches 833001
Metal Wire Forms 833001
Wire Forming Steel Bent J-Hooks 832001
Wire Forming Unitab Steel Hooks 827001
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Grid Loops 818001
Wire Forming Steel Grate Hooks 811001
Wire Forming Steel 3.5" Hooks 809001
Wire Forming Steel J-Hooks 808001
Wire J Hook 808001

Marlin Steel Wire Forms exceed customer expectations because our expert engineers are constantly looking for ways to optimize your operations with suggested product design improvements. Wire Sizes: Any thickness required including fine or ultra-fine sizes.   Here is a short list showing some of the products that we manufacture:
Complex Wire Forms
Contact Assemblies for Appliances
Flattening Operations
Formed Wire
Pierced Steel Parts
Piercing of Wire Forms
Reel to Reel Steel Parts
Specialty Steel Products
Spring Contacts
Steel Pins
Steel Swages
Steel Terminals
Wire Fasteners
Wire Links
Annealed Spring Steel Link Cartridge
Brackets & Clips
Contact Assemblies
Copper Top Spring Stamping
Metal Stampings
Phosphor Bronze Stampings
Shields & Bushings
Stainless Wire Links Used in Medical Applications
Steel Shield Four Slide, Multi Slide Stampings for Automotive Applications
Terminals & Lead Frames
Bent Wire
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Steel Bent 'C' Hooks 807001
Wire Forming Steel Pointed Hooks 806001
Metal Form 806001
Wire Forming Steel Bent Hooks 804001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Eye Hooks 803001
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Lifting Hooks 795002
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forming Steel Hangers 773001
Wire Forming Steel Safety Hooks 772001
J Hooks 772001
Wire Forming Steel Suspension Hooks 771002
Wire Forms Steel Gutter Clamps 771001
Metal Wire Forms 771001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - 8" Wire Forming Shaped Steel S-Hooks 764001
Wire Forming Steel Holders 763001
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Bed Hooks758001
Wire Forming Steel U Hooks 748002
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel U Hooks 748001
Wire Forming Steel Wicket Sign Holders 740002
Wire Forms Steel Double J Hooks723001
Wire Forming Steel U Hooks 712002
Wire Forming Steel Forms 712001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 5" Wire Forming Steel Fabric Hooks 704001
Wire Forms Steel Forms for Packaging 697001
Metal Form 697001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Shelf Supports 695002
Wire Forming Steel Farrowing Clips 686001
Wire Forming Steel Battery Clamps 685001
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Handles 682001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 1.3" Wire Forming Steel Rings 681002
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 1.5" Wire Forming Steel Rings 681001
Metal Form 681001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Bent L Wire Forming 666002
Wire Forms Steel Hand Tools 658001
Wire Forming Steel Backing Hooks 651001
Wire Forming Steel Banner Hooks 634001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Hooks 623003
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 2" Wire Forming Steel S-Hooks 631001
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Hooks 623004
Wire Forming Steel Sling Hooks 619001
Wire Forming Steel Product Hangers 617002
Metal Wire Forms 617002
Wire Forms Steel Display Hooks 617001
Wire Forming Steel Display Hooks 612001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Fold Down Hooks 608001
Wire Forming Steel Cable Curtain Hooks 606001
Wire Forms Hooks with Pointed End 598002
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Squeeze Clips 593001
Metal Form 593001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 16" Wire Forming Steel Hooks With Grip 580007
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Steel Wire Hangers 580005
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 15" Wire Forms Steel Paint Hooks 580004
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 4" Wire Forming Steel
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 11" Wire Forming Steel Hooks 580002
Wire Forms Manufacturer - 3" Wire Forming Steel
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Exhaust Pipe Hooks 577003
Wire Forming Steel Exhaust Pipe Hooks 577001
Metal Wire Forms 577001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Loops 576002
Wire Forming Steel Sack Hooks 576001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Coated Steel Stands 567001
Wire Forming Steel Luminary Frames 554001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Frames 551001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Paint Hooks 547001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forms Steel Triple U Hooks 515001
Wire Forming Frames 537001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Custom Wire Sub Assemblies 514001
Custom Wire Sub Assemblies 509002
Wire Forming Bent Steel Hangers 505001
Formed Wire - Custom Wire Sub Assemblies 504001
Wire Forming Steel Hooks 490002
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Hooks 490001
Wire Forming Steel Sign Holders 485001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forms Steel J Hooks 480001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forming Steel Rings 478001
Metal Wire Forms 478001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Steel Strap Hooks 471001
Wire Forming Steel Flag Holders 465001
Wire Forms Steel Filter Clips 464001
Wire Forming Steel Hooks 462001
Wire Forming Steel Spiral S-Hooks460004
Wire Forming Steel Triangles 458001
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Cleaning Rods 444001
Wire Forming Steel Orifice Clips 442001
Metal Form 442001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Complex Wire Forming with Tight Bend 439001
Metal Form 439001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forming Steel Handles 434001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Steel Pants Hooks433001
Wire Forming Holders with Trigger 430004
Wire Forming Stands 428001
Wire Forming Steel Clips 418002
Steel and Wire Forms 418002
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Steel Heater Frames 389004
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Spring Wire Forming 368053
Wire Forming Conveyor Hooks with Loop 368052
Metal Wire Forms 368052
Custom Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forming Conveyor Hooks with Loop 368051
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Handles 346001
Wire Forming Coated Hooks with Loop 329001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Custom Stainless Steel Wire Forms 328001
Steel and Wire Forms 328001
Wire Forming Steel Backboard Hangers295005
Wire Forming Steel Asphalt Spikes 295004
Wire Forming Steel Grid Loops 290001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Automotive Wire Forms 287001
Metal Form 287001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Threaded Brass Handles 284001
Metal Wire Forms 284001
Metal Forming Company -  Wire Forming 273002
Custom Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forming 273001
Formed Wire - Wire Forms Dividers 270001
Steel and Wire Forms 270001
Wire Forming Automotive Hooks 268001
Wire Forming Holders 252002
Custom Medical Wire Forming 252001
Custom Wire Forms - Guards 251001
Metal Wire Forms 251001
Metal Forming Company -  Wire Forming Hold Downs 242001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Medical Hooks 1029
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forming Handles for Medical Labs 00214001
Formed Wire - Custom Wire Forms Paint Line Coating Hooks 210004
Steel and Wire Forms 210004
Metal Forming Company -  Hook Dividers 00209004
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forming Loops 00209003
Precision wireforms - Stainless Steel Hooks 1029
Metal Forms 209002
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Steel Handle Clips 208002
Stainless Steel Custom Wire Forms - Wire Forming Bucket Handles 00208001
Wire Forming Welded to Sheet Metal 197001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forming Locking Pins 195001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forms Internally Threaded and Coated Handles 00191001
Coated Wire Forms 191001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Precision wireforms S Hooks 180002
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forming Handles 177002
Custom Wire Forming With Thick Wire 177001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forms Steel IV Poles 167001
Wire Metal Form 167001
Precision wireforming Slide Latches 150006
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Slide Latches 150005
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Bent Wire Forms 150002
Steel and Wire Forms 150002
Stainless Steel Custom Wire Forms - Aerospace Wire Forming 141001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forming Squeeze Clips 156001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming with Stamped Ears 139004
Steel and Wire Forms 139004
Precision wireforming Steel Paint Line Hooks 134002
Wire Forms Manufacturer - U Wire Forms 134001
Wire Metal Forms 134001
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Steel Wire Forming Lockpins 125005
Stainless Steel Wire Forms - Wire Forming Hangers 125001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming S Hooks 120001
Formed Wire - Wire Forming Hangers 384001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forming Conveyor Hooks 230001
Wire Forms Manufacturer - Wire Forms Steel Sling Hooks 64006
Steel and Wire Forms 64006
Precision wireforming 49003
Stainless Steel Custom Wire Forms - Coated Wire Forming Handles with Threaded Bolt 59001
Wire Forming Steel Holders 76003

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Custom wire Forming, Custom Metal Forming custom bent wire products and custom hooks (s hooks or c hooks, etc) are a mission that Marlin Steel Wire Products performs exceptionally well. We design and engineer custom steel hooks and wire forms in stainless steel or plain steel. We make tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of custom steel wire forms and hooks each week. Our robotics ensure precision-manufacturing for all sheet metal forming.

Typically people submit to us a custom metal form part (in a pdf or by fax or an actual sample) and ask us to “make it fast.” Typically requirements like the weight load, finish, critical dimensions and quantity needed are helpful for quoting and preparing prints. Design assistance is available and we will run design stress analysis upon request. Marlin Steel can meet your tight tolerance requests and comply with whatever wire thickness capabilities are required for your designs. ASME BTH 1 2008 - ASME Standard Compliance is available upon request.

Marlin will submit a quote and upon receipt of a purchase order, Marlin will generate precise auto cad prints that will detail the front view of the wire form, the side view (if three dimensions), top view (if three dimensions) and an isometric view (as if you were standing over the wire form near the corner if it is three dimensional). If it will help you, we can depict your wire form mating with another part. Upon receipt of the print, you will confirm that the wire form print will meet your requirements.

Upon print approval, we will release to travelers on our factory floor to the machine centers that will contribute to the fabrication of your hook or wire form. The bending department will fabricate your parts off of two dimensional or three dimensional robots optimally suited for repeatable precise parts. If necessary, we can utilize aluminum fixtures on robots that will weld (resistance or mig depending on the application) the parts consistently. For example our robotic mig welder will weld parts with a tolerance of +/-).003” in a “x” plane and a “y” plane and a “z” plane. The mig welder will be the ultimate quality checker of your parts.

Once the parts are welded we pack them securely and ship raw or we can finish the hook or wire form. Typical finishes we provide include electropolish (for stainless), nickel plating, chrome plating, epoxy coating, urethane coating, polyester coating, polyolefin coating, powder coating, plastisol pvc coating, nylon coating and galvanizing.

Marlin Steel will precision-manufacture any style of Wire Forms needed in your production or industrial environment with fast delivery. Contact us today for help with your product design. We can stress-test your products to ensure they will function as needed in all situations present in your manufacturing facility.

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Look to Marlin as your Forms Inc. Headquarters! Anything you can imagine can be fabricated - here are some random examples of requests that Marlin has filled: J-Bracket Wall Rack, 2.5 gallon Rack, F- Style 1x1 Gal Rack, F- Style 2x1 Gal Rack, Jug Wall Hook, 1 Gallon Wall Braket Round, 6 Quart rack, F-Style 1x1 Gal Rack, 1 Gallon Wall Braket Round, F- Style 2x1 Gal Rack, 1" Binder. Any style of rfc wire forms, steel wire form, metalforming, forming steel or forming aluminum, any shape of formed metal, any sized metal form can be precision-manufactured and shipped fast. We can precision-manufacture your custom wire forms from titanium, aluminum material, stainless steel, 330 ss, 330 stainless steel or low carbon mild steel. Marlin is your headquarters for metal formed to fit your needs. Our state-of-the-art Software Stress Analysis ensures that your steel and wire forms perform as intended. Our array of steel forming robotics brings consistency and precision to every precision wire form manufactured. Marlin is the wire former of choice for industrial wire forms and wire products. Your precision wire components are shipped securely and quickly. Marlin Steel manufactures industrial-quality hooks - a fast remedy for boom control in oil spill containment. Marlin Steel is positioned to deliver quickly for emergency oil spill containment.
If you have any questions or you would like to send a print, please fax it to 410-644-7457 or contact us.

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