Let Marlin Steel's engineers help you fabricate the perfect custom metal forms for your needs. More than 20% of our staff consists of degreed mechanical engineers, equipped with the tools, training and experience needed to help you design the perfect custom metal forms for your needs.


Complete Simulation Solution

Before we start shaping metal, we run the design through our specialized software to detect faults early. This way, we can:

  • Reduce Costs.
  • Eliminate Prototype Costs.

These simulations use virtual prototypes to determine how your product would hold up during actual use.

Virtual Prototypes

These virtual prototypes help you to:

  • Improve Product Performance.
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market.

By testing designs in a virtual simulation before putting wire through the shaping process, you avoid having to create redundant prototype units and waste time with real-world trials of unworkable designs. Fewer wasted prototypes translates into time and money saved, allowing your baskets to be designed, tested and put into production in hours or days instead of having to wait for weeks of design iterations and rejections.

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