BBC News: >> This is an American business, Marlin Steel Wire Products that is doing well already and very much looking forward to the stimulus package going through. Drew Greenblatt, does it mean good things for jobs here in Baltimore? 

DREW GREENBLATT >> Absolutely. It’s going to have a direct relationship. What’s going to happen is that Americans are now going to wake up, get rolling again and we’re going to put this behind us. 

BBC News: >> We’re talking about the jobs held by the guys who are here in Baltimore working on your products, but also, in a sense, you’re giving business to overseas economies. 

DREW GREENBLATT >> Absolutely. When we do well, we make wire baskets, we get more optimistic, we’ll buy robots from countries that make robots. For example, right now we’re standing next to a robot that was made in England, in southern England in Dorking. Adjacent to this robot that was made in England, there are two French robots. We have Japanese robots, we have German robots. We’re poised to buy a couple of Itallian welders in the next couple of days. Last month we bought a Canadian robot. So, when we do well, we buy from foreigners and it’s good for all of us. 

BBC News: >> A final thought, Drew, when people say ‘Look, the stimulus is American taxpayer’s dollars, it should be about American jobs’, you see it as something a lot bigger than that. 

DREW GREENBLATT >> Absolutely. It’s the entire economy, not only of America, but of the world that I’m focused on. 

BBC News: >> Drew, thanks very much.