8 Benefits of Stainless Steel Utility Carts

Stainless steel rolling utility carts are essential for an array of industries and businesses, providing numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. These carts consist of durable steel and feature wheels that make them easy to move around, giving them applications in a wide range of settings, including warehouses, factories, offices, food service operations, and retail environments. Read on to learn more about stainless steel utility carts, their advantageous features, and why stainless steel is the superior material choice for work carts.


Utility carts offer eight specific advantages to operations ranging from aerospace and automotive to food and pharmaceutical processing:

    1. Dolby_Cart_Resized_400x400Durability: One of the key benefits of stainless steel utility carts is their durability. Made of heavy-duty steel, these carts can withstand the rigors of daily use and hold a significant amount of weight. This makes them ideal for a myriad of tasks, from transporting equipment and materials in a warehouse to moving heavy items around a factory or office. They're also resistant to rust, which ensures they'll last for a long time.
    2. Versatility: Another benefit of excel utility carts is their versatility. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, making them suitable for numerous and diverse tasks. Some carts feature multiple shelves, while others have a single large platform, giving them the capacity for different types of loads. Some carts also feature locking wheels, which provide added security when transporting valuable items.
    3. Easy maneuverability: Stainless steel carts on wheels are also simple to maneuver. The wheels make them easy to push, pull, and move around tight corners or through narrow spaces. They're ideal for busy warehouses and factories, where space is often at a premium.
    4. Cost-effectiveness: In addition, stainless steel utility carts are relatively inexpensive to purchase and built to last, so they won't need replacing as often as other types of carts. This makes them a great investment for any business that needs to transport heavy items on a regular basis.
    5. Worker safety: The design of heavy-duty stainless steel utility carts is very forklift friendly. With hoist hooks on the top to make them easy for workers to move, workers can avoid injury and back strain as they won't have to carry each basket individually. It takes 30 pounds of force at most for employees to move these OSHA-friendly steel push carts. Stainless steel work carts also hold each basket or rack securely within the cart, keeping them from popping loose and either damaging cart components or harming employees.
    6. Easy cleaning: The caster platform on these heavy-duty stainless steel carts has the capability to decouple, allowing the cart and its baskets to go into a dip tank all in one. This capability not only facilitates washing but also helps safeguard against wear and the risk of lost components. 
    7. Throughput: Carts provide efficiency in an operation. Their easy transportability facilitates and expedites production processes, supporting improved throughput. When operations increase throughput, this also allows for reduced turn times in order fulfillment, giving you more product in less time for happier customers. In this way, stainless steel carts can boost your bottom line for greater profit capabilities.
    8. Inventory and quality management: The numbering system of industrial steel carts is the key to quality control and inventory management. A cart's baskets are held in kits, and this helps ensure that each kit contains the proper number of uniform product components.

Why Use Stainless Steel?

This durable metal is known for its strength, resisting abrasion, cracking, and more. In the presence of high temperatures, it resists deforming as well. It's highly machinable, allowing manufacturers to cut, configure, and weld it without succumbing to mechanical stress. All of these features are beneficial in utility carts as they must accommodate heavy loads, and stainless steel is superior to aluminum or other alloys for making lasting carts.

Stainless steel is also useful in applications requiring frequent cleaning and sanitization, such as medical or food-processing tasks. The metal possesses a natural surface film preventing dents and scratches, which could otherwise harbor bacteria. This has the added benefit of cutting down on maintenance needs and related costs.

Marlin Steel: Your Best Source for Custom Stainless Steel Carts

Stainless steel utility carts are strong, versatile, and cost-effective solutions for any business that needs to transport heavy items on a regular basis. Whether you're working in a warehouse, factory, office, or retail environment, a rolling stainless steel cart can help you get the job done more efficiently and effectively. 

Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC specializes in 100% USA-made custom metal forms, material handling containers, and stainless steel components. Our team is backed by over 50 years of industry experience, an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system, and innovative automated manufacturing robotic technology, allowing us to deliver Quality Engineered Quick®. Our utility carts hold millimeter-precise tolerances for high accuracy and uniformity, and we'll work with you to determine the optimal dimensions, materials, load-bearing capacities, chemical and thermal resistances, and more for your operation. 

We're typically able to fulfill custom orders in two weeks or less, with same-day shipping for carts in stock. Contact us for more information about our stainless steel rolling utility carts, or fill out our cart questionnaire and request a quote today.