Building a manufacturing culture of "Safety First"

incFrom Drew Greenblatt’s latest column in Inc. magazine on how Marlin Steel is building a culture of safety:

Latest safety sign update at Marlin Steel Latest safety sign update at Marlin Steel

Sure, employee pay is an important motivator. But it is not the only way to send a positive message about how you regard your workers. Safety is vitally important--and not just to keep your plant running and your insurance costs in check.

In helping build the culture we want at Marlin Steel, it’s meaningful for an employee to think, “My boss wants me to come home with all my fingers tonight. He’s not risking my well-being to cut corners and save a penny.” We’re delighted that we just passed 1,500 straight days without an accident at our plant in Baltimore. We update the count on a big, green “Safety Begins Here” sign just outside the production floor--both as a daily reminder of the need for caution and as a source of pride. Read more ...