Case Study: Custom Wire Baskets for Ultrasonic Cleaning

Marlin Steel is a premier provider of custom products made from steel wire and sheet metal. Since 1968, we have built a reputation for outstanding quality and exceptional service. That’s why our customers are confident in our ability to deliver solutions that meet their specific needs.

Recently, a customer reached out to us with a request for steel wire baskets suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning operations for tri-clamp gasket filters. This case study outlines the challenges presented by the project and the methods and materials our team used to overcome them.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The Opportunity: Designing a Basket for Ultrasonic Cleaning

The customer contacted us to request two to four custom baskets that could hold 1.5-inch sanitary tri-clamp gasket filters during ultrasonic cleaning operations. Since the customer wanted to remove unwanted particles from stainless steel filter mesh, the baskets needed to maintain enough space between filters to allow for thorough cleaning without restrictions near the filter area. They also had to be engineered to fit in the customer’s ultrasonic cleaning tank and hold a large amount of pieces.

The Solution: Creating a Custom Wire Basket

Our team consulted with the customer to understand the fit, form, and function for the custom baskets. The baskets would be placed in an industrial parts washer and should be able to slide into and out of the washer’s stainless steel rack. Using this information, we developed and manufactured a custom wire basket design with handles to make it easy for users to remove the baskets from the washer rack. We also incorporated a lid to keep the filters inside since they would be floating inside the basket. Additionally, we ensured that the baskets were composed of materials that could withstand exposure to the washer’s acid-based cleaner and 65 °C temperatures.


The Final Results: Delivering Suitable Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets

At the start of the project, we asked numerous questions to develop an understanding of the customer’s needs so we could design a basket that fully met them. Throughout the development process, we maintained open communication with the customer to ensure they approved the AutoCAD design. This attention to detail enabled us to produce and deliver custom wire baskets that fully meet the their specifications and standards.

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